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Written by: Zanita Whittington

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Seriously isn’t instagram the best thing ever? I love getting these little snap shots of life, recording the interesting things I see so quickly and easily and sharing them with sooooo many people. I personally think it’s eclipsed fashion blogging for its immediacy – and the filters bring a particular quality about the shots. All on the iphone! (or whichever android you’re rocking). These are some of my highlights from visiting home with my family (the beach and farm in Esperance), being in NYC and LA for fashion week and shooting with Supermuse – and then finally a few from being in Sydney too. Right now I’m in London – and in case you all haven’t noticed yet, I live to travel! Sometimes its for work and sometimes its off my own back – in my next post I’m going to open up to some questions about work and blogger life in general – what it’s become to be a fulltime fashion blogger and why do all these girls get to travel sooo damn much!? I notice alot of girls get questions about what exactly it is they are ‘doing’ to get all of this – and for me its seems plain but then again, you can’t just look at a blog to know how a blogger earns their money. Anyway, more on that later.

Hooray for London! I am actually  here for an event, so follow me on Instagram @zanitazanita to see more on that later today x