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Miss Torres

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Andy-NYFW-4 Andy-NYFW-1

Presenting a few shots I took of my gorgeous friend and fellow blogger Andy Torres while at NYFW (you can see the rest of the pics on Stylescrapbook HERE). Love Andy’s style – I kinda wanna steal everything in her wardrobe, we seem to share the same affinity for bomber jackets and caps.

Anyway I thought I might open a bit of discussion here about what it means to be a full time fashion blogger, what opportunities arise for top bloggers and the way bloggers earn money. I guess the most obvious way to earn money (and no where else is this more obvious than on Fellt) is advertising, which comes in the form of banners and can be commission or impression based. You really need to have fairly large numbers to make real money from this kind of advertising – which of course isn’t easy to achieve. The second way bloggers earn money is through collaborations – designing, modelling or being a brand ambassador in varying degrees for a brand. For me this also includes my photography work – though I could likely be working full time as a photographer and leave my blog behind, I prefer the work I do go hand in hand with my blog simply because I enjoy blogging so much. Bloggers also get paid to go to events and for sponsored posts. The best way for this to happen is where the reader isn’t aware that the post is paid for – i know that may sound a little shady to you – but provided the blog and brand are well alligned, as in said blogger only works for brands they know and love – then there isn’t any compromising on aesthetic that all bloggers build their brands upon. Lately I’ve seen alot of bloggers work with brands that are in no way aligned with their own style – which i think is sad because it kinda abuses the trust of the reader… but every girl has her price! And often beggers can’t be choosers. I’m actually fairly fortunate to be able to work with a wider variety of brands than most – because while I can’t wear every brand – I can certainly shoot those pretty floral dresses on gorgeous babes with the best of my ability! And I like to think I can be adaptable to a degree. For example, Erdem – elegant floral designs, flawlessly constructed and so flattering – I would certainly wear given the chance. I could go on from here but I guess I could start babbling, so I wanted to invite you all to ask any questions you might have about what its like to be a fulltime blogger (for starters a dream come true!), whats involved and anything else… Please ask away!! xx

I also have this article on the Vine from last year where I discuss transparency and the impact of blogging on the industry HERE.

coat, Maje

top and skirt, Three Floor

bag, Proenza Schouler