Outfit Comments

USA Baby

Written by: Zanita Whittington


So as promised my outfit for today – and I’m surprised at how fresh it gets here in LA! I’ve had this Country Road coat in my possession for a few years but being in Sydney, you can only wear a proper wool coat for around 6 weeks of the year. I’m super excited right now because my Acne coat arrived in the mail today from Matches and its just what I need for NYC  tomorrow, alongside some daggy long underwear and fingerless leather gloves (photographer approved). I spent this morning scouting with Rachel (Stylestalker) for various shoots we’ve got planned so I’m already well on the way to some great photo diary shots… not to mention getting so inspired by this city. Working away right now in my new office, collating references and casting models… which is so surreal (being a model myself) I’m power tripping!

sunglasses, Nick Campbell Eyewear

tee, Stylestalker

coat, Country Road

boots, Cheap Monday

pants, Zara

bag, Rachel Ruddick

black cuff, COS

scarf, Paula Bianco