Written by: Zanita Whittington

Day 3 in sunny and fresh Los Angeles, I’ve battled through some jetlag and have already got stuck into work and the many special projects I’ve got planned while I’m here (more on that to come). Most excitingly I’m going to NYC for the very first time on Wednesday – for yet another project I can’t talk about – and I get to stay at The Standard! Only two nights, then back to LA for more crazy business. I’m going to be super juggling trying to post everyday, but I’ve already got a few outfits planned and then working with other bloggers as often as possible. Should be super fun.

I really should be posting an instagram summary each month so you can kind of get a picture of what I’ve been up too but I’m a busy bee – here’s a few of my highlights from my last few months ….including some thailand pics, some ginger shots and a couple beachie ones from my hometown, Esperance in WA. Follow me @zanitazanita to see what the rest are about.