The Elements

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Presenting my second post as part of my project with Midcity – a feature on accessories, self portrait style. It’s Saturday night right now and I’m in the office working away… feeling so drained! Gotta go home to bed so I can have a fresh mind for shooting my editorial tomorrow. Thanks again to Midcity for having me onboard for this, I loved having free reign in the centre to create whatever my heart desired. Those who follow me on Instagram should know I had a minor freakout in Culture Kings last night – that store is so darn cool! I’m plan to drop some real cash there soon. Loads of bombers and denim jackets and cool hats and backpacks and sneakers…

So six looks! Very street – But I really cant go past it lately. Maybe its because I think I’m a total badass…even though that couldn’t be further from the truth. Fashionista for life! Haha!


Look 1.

/cap, General Pants /cuffs, Diva /bone earring, Diva /shirt, Bonds

Look 2.

/wing post earring, Diva /studded bracelet, Diva  /tee, Topshop

Look 3.

/hoop earrings,Diva /cross ring, Diva /cap, Culture Kings /tee, Topshop

Look 4.

/earrings, Diva  /cuff, Diva  /denim shirt, ASOS /cap, General Pants

Look 5.

/post earring, Diva /rings, Vintage /watch, TW Steel  /bracelet, Diva

Look 6.

/cap, General Pants /necklace, Diva /tee, Topshop