Pastel Punk

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Photos, Margaret Zhang

Been back in Australia a couple weeks now and slacking big time on the blog posts… generally feeling unwell from jetlag and having some seriously travelling come down issues are the key excuses I’m rolling with – but the important thing is, I’m posting today! Also – back in March I made a pledge to post everyday for the month and so, in the spirit of proactivity I’m reinstating the pledge for October! Its on baby! Post AHOY!!

And so – my outfit, something perfect for the ASOS breakfast I attended on Friday. Pastel and patent juxtaposition. Wouldn’t ever wear something like this skirt normally but it caught my eye on ASOS website and I thought, why the hell not! Fashion is about fun and experimentation…sometimes you look like a bit of a victim but as long as you aren’t taking yourself too seriously then who really gives a damn. This post back in Amsterdam was one of my most popular outfits ever so I guess that’s you guys saying that an A-line skirt can work for me. I feel so girly! Love working back the soft tones with the patent and the gold chain necklace.


patent skirt, ASOS

shirt, Equipment

necklace, ASOS

heels, Beau Coops

sunglasses, Ray Ban