Swing Time

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Something kinda new and different for me – I’m wearing  a flippy skirt! If I’m totally honest I’m probably vibe-ing because of that subtle sporty element in there, it does have a tennis kinda feel. Both my top and skirt are from COS, I love that store. Everything so minimal and timeless and chic and reasonably priced. One thing I am glad of though, we don’t have COS in Australia. It makes it all the more special when you do get overseas and make the triumphant stride across the threshhold of your favourite retail store.

Jess and I are due to part ways in the next day or two, I’m spending a final few here in Amsterdam before flying back to Melbourne for just six days for work and then returning back to Europe to continue my travels. If all goes to plan we’ll meet up again in Stockholm or maybe Copenhagen. We have a joke now that I’m Jess‘s ‘blogger boyfriend’ – you know the trusty lads who stand behind alot of the biggest fashion bloggers in the world, dutifully snapping outfits everyday? I’m that – for Tuula… but how will Jess cope without me as she continues her European adventure? Haha! Looking forward to seeing her again in a few weeks when we have a load of new stories to share.

jumper and skirt, COS

sunglasses, Karen Walker

cuff, Benah

watch, TW Steel

shoes, Beau Coops

cuff, Tiffanys

ring, Estelle Deve

earrings, Cooee