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Italian Photo Diary 1

Written by: Zanita Whittington

1/ Stylish babe outside Dolce and Gabbanna

2/ Moshpit scupture in Florence

3/ The Boyfriends of Bloggers club (love this!)

4/ ADR looking very tanned with an unique looking gent.

5/ Styling babe outside Dolce and Gabbana (I knew her name but forgot it! Whoops.)

6/ Aimee and Jess scoring some free hugs in Florence

7/ Huge crowd outside Luisa Via Roma waiting for Madonna, who wasn’t coming…

8/ Wendy, Andy, Aimee and Jess in Florence

9/ Me, reunited with a longtime friend Sara in the Florence. So special!

10/ Dude taking a stand against Communism

11/ Milano!

12/ Stella McCartney/Luisa Via Roma Style Lab Outake

13/ Aimee Song, gorgeous smile. Florence.

14/ Me with Estelle Deve earring.

15/ Outtake for my and Jess‘s collab shoot, Ponte Vecchio