This Summer

Written by: Zanita Whittington




So I’m back with another outfit post! And I guessing that early in my trip you can expect quite a few of these… but they’ll perhaps peter off as we get further into the journey being that I really only have one suitcase… in fact I need to get rid of a few things because even with all my wisdom and travelling experience I still decided to overpack my luggage! Brainless me. I don’t think I’m packed enough for  warmer weather either, I’m slightly looking forward to being northward bound.

Yesterday Jess and I participated in the Luisa Via Roma Firenze 4 Ever style lab and I had the chance to wear that amazing Stella McCartney dress  that I featured a few posts back and snap some pics for my blog. Very much looking forward to sharing them with you! I should have pics of the two outfits we shot in the coming days – it was a real buzz to wear such beautiful designer pieces.

My outfit from a couple days ago, being very practical once again and sporting my Zara shorts which are no doubt going on high rotation. I swear I could live in Equipment shirts everyday, they are really the best.

shirt, Equipment

bag, Alexander Wang

shorts, Zara

shoes, Jelly Bean