Le Slouch

Written by: Zanita Whittington

I’m starting to get so excited about my trip – was finally able to book my flights so I’m officially flying out of Sydney on the 13th – due to land in Florence where I’m totally pumped about attending the Luisa Via Roma event, Firenze4Ever! I’m pinching myself, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Grateful to be bailing on the Aussie winter though speaking to of my Swedish friends kinda highlights how we Aussies certainly don’t have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to complaining about colder weather. Regardless… so looking forward to my TWO MONTHS of European summer. I’ll be travelling with my girl Jess (Tuula) and visiting cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm – and I’m considering trying a stint of modelling in Hamburg. Countdown!!!

Anyway, this an outfit I wore yesterday shooting with gorgeous Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper) and while I’ve probably featured every piece here a few times (except my new See by Chloe sneaker heels) I’m hoping you can see a fresh combo happening – and I’m truly not afraid of being an outfit offender… in fact I can confess I’ve probably worn these jeans, the trench and the Alexander Wang Marion bag close to 100 times each. Wear for wear that’s crazy value!

Since wearing these jeans at MBFW I’ve had alot of questions and comments about them and I think I ought to explain clearly, they are men’s jeans from Kmart and I purchased them around 3 years ago. When I first bought them they were very stiff and ill fitting but I saw potential in this beautifully hued and heavy denim so I persevered and wore them in place of tracksuit pants or leggings around the house or watching TV until they shaped to my body and became the wonderfully soft  oversized denim wonders they are today. I love them more than any designer piece I own because they really represent 3 years dedication. So you can’t really buy them, you gotta live them. 😉

Bag, Alexander Wang Marion Bag

shoes, See By Chloe Sneaker Heels 

jeans, Kmart (similar)

oversized big tee, American Apparel

trench, Zanita (similar)

sunglasses, Dita New Yorkers

watch, TW Steel