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A Lesson In Poolside Glamour

Count on Miss Fairfax to execute poolside glam like there’s no tomorrow… I’ll never understand how some people make it look so easy – but truth be told, I’ll a little uncomfortable with glamour, it...

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How To: Dress It Down, Rebecca Laurey Edition

I shot these pics of my girl Rebecca for her blog whilst we were in NYC a couple months ago. New York is probably one of my hands-down favourite places to shoot in – because...

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Tell Us More! The Raspberry and Rouge Edition

  I’ve been friends with Rebecca for creeping on two years – and in that time I’ve watch her grow to become one of the best fashion bloggers in Holland (I’d like to say Europe!)...

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Lucky Mag Feature in Paris with – Chiara and Nicole!

If someone told me last year that I would be photographed alongside two of the world’s biggest fashion bloggers and be among the first of our kind to ever appear on the cover of a major...

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Tell Us More! The Harper and Harley Edition.

I always loved those little quick quizzes you often find in the back of fashion magazines – so I figured I’d get a little regular thing going with my own version. As you probably know,...

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The Teaser

I can’t say much for now… but check out @Luckymagazine (instagram) tomorrow see exactly what Chiara, Nicole and myself got up to in Paris late last year… I’m so excited!

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Zanita Loves Bloggers 2014

My year in shooting fellow fashion bloggers! Forever my muses – because it’s so fun to shoot a gal with style! Hope you like my year in pictures In Order Amber – Nadia – Sara...

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Meet the Girl: Sania Claus Demina

Looking forward to starting a new series here on my blog, alongside these shoots – interviews, with a goal to get insight about achieving certain roles in the industry. Starting on the good foot with my talented...

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Editorial: Jaqueline

I decided to post these as a follow up to my previous post and collaboration with Kelly Smith – our first project together! This was a very early test shoot with model Jacqueline (previously Chic...

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A Girl’s Best Friend

So thrilled to finally be able to post these images, a collaboration between Sara (Harper and Harley), Kelly Smith (Birdy and Me) and myself.  I’m so proud of this – and by having the chance...

Blogger Collaboration

My Little Black Book – Zanita X Matches

I recently have the honour of contributing and article for Matches Fashion’s The Style Report.  It’s a run down of some of my favourite cities in the world along with the dream attire I would...

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Harper and Harley x Tony Bianco

Those of you who follow Sara or have caught the last episode of Fashion Bloggers TV will know that yesterday was the launch of Harper and Harley x Tony Bianco shoe collection. I was so...