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Season’s Wishes

If I was much classier and had a much fatter bank account then I would surely be dressed like this on Christmas day. As if happens I’ll probably be wearing my dad’s tracksuit pants with...



Nothing like a scent to capture a memory. Looking forward to getting back to Europe – leaving next week! New horizons.

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Fire Engine

pics, Gervin Puse Presenting an outfit I shot before leaving on my trip to Europe – snapped by my assistant Gervin who is a most talented photographer in his own right (as you can probably...


Turn and Bag It

Whats genuinely in my handbag today – I like to always have make-up with me these days because when I wake in the morning I’m usually running out the door fresh faced… It’s nice to throw on...

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White on Light

Here’s my outfit for Day Four of MBFW – what a whirlwind week its been! Is it bad if I say I’m so glad its over? I really over extended myself with commitments, trying to...

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City Street

Definitely my favourite piece in my wardrobe right now, this Something Else embroidered bomber, brings a casual outfit into the realm of being interesting. The blue fabric is something like tencel and has the most...