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4 Ways to Transition Your Wardrobe into Fall

By now, summer dressing has become a little bit harder with inspiration lacking at every source we turn to. Off the shoulder tops, slides, frayed denim shorts & skirts – yawning just a little… It’s...

Written by: Zanita Studio

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6 Genius Tips for Successful Online Beauty Shopping

I know several of you refrain from buying makeup or trying new products outright because 1. beauty storefronts and sales reps make it too intimidating to gallivant, or 2. you don’t want to risk picking the wrong product (be...

Written by: Susan Hang

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What to Do About Negative Blog Comments

Luckily here at Zanita Studio, we don’t get many, if any, negative blog comments, but I know of many bloggers who do, and it’s not a good feeling. Who cyber bullies anymore anyway? Even if...

Written by: Brittany Grace

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The Designer You Need To Know Before Anyone Else

One of the things I love most about online shopping is how easily you can access and find new (awesome!) designers. The world wide web is filled with crème de la crème, and we just need...

Written by: Eduarda Loureiro

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5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Blog

To anyone who’s ever said the future of blogging is dead: Think again. We’re edging quickly into the end of 2016 and it’s soon to be 2017, yet people are still starting blogs! People are...

Written by: Zanita Studio


3 Good Reasons to Take a Road Trip NOW

  Last week, I packed up my place, hopped in the car, and drove 1400 km up the East Coast of Australia. It sounds miserable, but instead of dreading a long boring drive, I turned it...

Written by: Monica Bestek

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Life Ahead: Going Left When Right Feels Wrong

The many life stages you’ll go through can be invigorating, suffocating, and sometimes, outright devastating… but these peaks and valleys are imminent, and that means you need to fork up the courage to face them head on....

Written by: Zanita Studio

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The Key to Confidence When Putting Yourself Out There

  Too many people are afraid of self-promotion or just being recognized in a big way… Are you afraid of putting yourself out there??? Do you have a blog you almost never speak of? An...

Written by: Zanita Studio

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A DIY Classic Bridal Look For Every Kind of Wedding

NOTE: I didn’t realize my first upload cut off super early, so apologies for the double post! I hope I didn’t keep you all waiting too long! I initially wanted to create an in-depth post...

Written by: Susan Hang

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3 Questions Every Successful Blogger Asks Before a Collaboration

When you get to a certain level in your blogging career, things may become so hectic that you’ll actually have to hire someone (like a project manager) to handle all your collaboration inquiries. This person...

Written by: Brittany Grace


Questions You Should Be Prepared to Slay at Any Job Interview

True, you can never guess exactly what you’ll be asked at an interview… but there’s no such thing as being extra prepared. And if you ask us, we’ll tell you to go armed with a wealth...

Written by: Zanita Studio

Personal Development

Take Back Control & Kick Anxiety to the Curb

  Anxiety is one of those things you can’t quite put your finger on until you feel the physical affects of it… If you’ve ever found yourself restless, going through episodes of having an accelerated...

Written by: Zanita Studio