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The Real Winners of the 2016 Met Gala

Forgive me for sounding like a conspiracy theorist, but the most prolific designers on this year’s Met Gala red carpet also happen to be some of the biggest advertisers in American Vogue. Not that it’s...

Written by: Bri Lee

Entrepreneurship, Pop Culture

A Warning for All Entrepreneurs: Everyone is Leaving Twitter

I’m going to start with a summary of my controversial opinion: the only reason you still randomly log onto Twitter is to make sure that yes, it’s alright, you’re not actually missing out on anything. FOMO...

Written by: Bri Lee

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The Makeup Trick Kylie Jenner Swears By

As I’m sure you know by now, my forte is career and self-development. Basically the last thing I’m qualified to blog about is beauty, but I am always intrigued by any makeup trick that supposedly enhances...

Written by: Brittany Grace

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The Real Deal on the Korean Skincare Routine

As you know by now, I’m one of those incredulous people where if you tell me something’s going to be good for my skin, I’ll watch it promptly, but discreetly, and once I’m in, I’m all over...

Written by: Susan Hang

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Benchwarmers Never Looked So Good

Sneakers? Check. Sweatband? Check. Topknot? Check. Who would’ve thought that Spandex, French Terry, and Sneakers would become part of a stylish day-to-day outfit? There’s no denying activewear (aka athleisurewear) became essentials in our daily uniform over the last year...

Written by: Monica Bestek

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Graphic Tees Everyone Needs to Be Wearing Right Now

Easy to wear and too good to ignore – welcome back Graphic Tees… a timeless piece we some how pushed to the back our closets and allotted specifically for gym time or cleaning days. But not anymore, all thanks...

Written by: Zanita Studio


Let Jacky O’Shaughnessy Be Your Guide to NYC Life and Success

Picture a busy New York sidewalk on the brink of Spring. Zanita is bending and calling out directions from behind a lens pointed at this figure. Long and lean, her eyes sparkling for the camera,...

Written by: Bri Lee

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Breaking News: I Wore An All Black Classic Look and It Felt Good

Look who’s gone and classed herself up? And let’s not pretend there isn’t a few of you out there that have been waiting a long time for this. ‘Hey Zanita, maybe it’s time you dressed...

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Career, Personal Development

Why You Feel Down & How to Fix It

Caveat: The article below has been amended, considering the austerity of depression. We’re committed to contributing to a digital space that represents only the best of inspiration and empowerment. We apologize for any offense or inconvenience caused...

Written by: Brittany Grace

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3 Modern Ways to Wear Metallic

Once again, metallic is still one of the biggest trends and are we oh-so-happy? We’ve seen it everywhere, from catwalks to street style. For AW16, Gucci placed a bet on metallic emerald for its skirts...

Written by: Camila Carril


Here’s A Fresh Way to Wear Florals For Spring

A few weeks back, we insinuated a floral dress redux and now Zanita puts it into full action – transparent evidence that flowers aren’t for the prissy, nail-painting obsessed, and mirror gazers nor is it...

Written by: Zanita Studio


A Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gift That Won’t Disappoint

Unlike most teenagers, I get on pretty well with my parents. I’ve never really been embarrassed by them. This is simply because they are who they are: amazing! But this is supposed to be about mothers...

Written by: Ben Orkin