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The Shoe Style All Bloggers Are Wearing

Can you guess the shoe style all bloggers are wearing right now?!   That’s right, it’s the block heel! We’re living in a generation where ugly shoes reign – birkenstocks, tevas, and platform creepers. And now in...

Written by: Zanita Studio

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The 5 Best Autobiographies to Read if You Want to Work in Fashion

I recently wrote a post about whether or not successful bloggers can create other successful bloggers (the answer is yes, duh), and it got me thinking about other ways we can learn about the fashion...

Written by: Bri Lee

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5 People Who Offer the Most Value on Snapchat

When Snapchat first stepped on the scene, it was all about what you’re doing, who you’re with, and where you’re going. Now, the people who offer the most value on Snapchat are applying the zig zag method...

Written by: Brittany Grace

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Big Answers: How to Engage An Audience of Millions

Truth is there is no secret to becoming the next influential blogger or photographer, but in a world like fashion, brimming uncompromising talent, it’s incredibly difficult to break through unequipped. Now’s your chance to engage...

Written by: Zanita Studio

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5 Reasons Why Your College Degree Doesn’t Matter

If college degrees guaranteed jobs, everyone would be employed, but these days, knowledge and skills trump degrees! While this isn’t the case if you want to be a doctor, engineer, accountant, or something of that...

Written by: Zanita Studio


The Ultimate Breakfast: Crumpets

Either you’re a crumpet or pancake person. I’m a crumpet person. Believe it or not, I can actually still remember the first time I ever made crumpets. It was quite a while back, maybe when...

Written by: Ben Orkin

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Can Successful Bloggers Create Successful Bloggers?

This is how most normal trades work, right? There’s a mentor-mentee relationshop. A teacher and a pupil. A Jedi Master and a young Padawan…but does the same thing work for bloggers? If the most important...

Written by: Bri Lee

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Adding Oomph to Stubborn Flat Hair

  Hair is not my forte at all! As a matter of fact, I hate my hair so much I hardly bother with it, let alone brush it… It was always a life-long dream to...

Written by: Susan Hang


How to Work From Home One Day a Week

The realty is, almost all jobs can be done from home in today’s world. Teachers, receptionists, engineers, fashion designers, realtors, you name it – they technically don’t have to be face-to-face with anyone to get...

Written by: Brittany Grace

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Taking the Boudoir Trend from Night to Day

Gone are the days where baby dolls and luxurious silk pyjamas are only meant for sleeping… As we saw on the Spring 2016 runways, from Courrèges to Emilio Pucci, the boudoir trend is one to have your eyes on. There are countless ways you can...

Written by: Camila Carril

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6 Branding Tips We Learned From Today’s Most Influential Digital Stars

  If you’re at all active in the digital space, you’ve got a personal brand whether or not you intended on it. How that brand is viewed in the eyes of others is defined and...

Written by: Zanita Studio


Deliciously Baked Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

I don’t feel like talking much about how stressed out I am at the moment, so let me talk about the positivity in my life (sorry if I seem like an I-specialist). This term, our art...

Written by: Ben Orkin