A Day in the Life of a Micro-Influencer

Written by: Brittany Grace

Though micro-influencing may not be as exciting as mega-influencing, there’s definitely never a dull moment.

In fact, micro-influencers should be hustling more than mega-influencers because they’re not quite established and are still trying to prove their worth – and this means they are always on their grind.

Every micro-influencer’s daily routine will be different depending on where they want their blogs to go and exactly what their end goal is. But for me, I won’t stop until I’ve built an empire, so here’s what a day of that looks like:


I like to get a solid workout in to start my day. I literally jump out of bed, go to the bathroom to change, and then do my workout. If you follow me on Snapchat (notanothrblonde) you’ll know that I’m currently doing the BBG, which is incredible by the way. I’m not one of those wake up, hit snooze, wake up, hit snooze again kind of people. If I’m not out of bed immediately after my alarm goes off I’ll be behind schedule.

micro-influencerThen I’ll check my email and schedule my blog post for the highest engagement hour. I don’t answer emails because it takes too long but I’ll take a little peak so I know what I’m up against when I actually do have time to answer.


Get ready for my day job and eat breakfast. Eating breakfast is KEY for me for fuel for the day. I’m the most productive in the morning so I need breakfast to get me started.


At this point, I’ve left my house and I’m walking about a mile to the train (so glamorous I know). Then during my commute, I write posts for Not Another Blonde, Zanita, Azalle, or The Wonder Forest. In fact… I’m on the train writing this right now.

I’ve noticed that because I only have about 30 minutes (which is nothing when you’re writing), I’m so laser-focused and able to bang out at least one blog post per train ride. Plus I don’t get service so I’m not tempted to check Instagram or Snapchat every 5 seconds.


I get in and check my personal email again and respond. At this point I’m at work and let’s be honest we all check our personal email at work so don’t judge me for this.

Then the rest of the time I’m working for my day job… like I said I’m super productive in the mornings so I’m able to bang most of my work out during this time. I’m in marketing which means there’s always something to do so I’m never lacking for anything to do.


I may or may not take a lunch break from 12-1 but I personally like to take smaller 10-20minute breaks throughout the day because my brain needs it. If I do take a lunch break, I’ll go to the park and engage with my community on Instagram, my secret Facebook group, or respond to blog comments.

I will respond to every single comment eventually; it just might take a while… or days (trying to get better at this). Keep in mind I have comments coming in from Not Another Blonde and 3 other blogs, so it’s definitely time-consuming but I love it. It’s actually my favorite part of the job.


I’m still doing my day job and dabbling with creating Snapchat content and Instagram engagement. For Snapchat I Snap my outfit, anytime I go outside, what I’m eating, my latest blog post, and/or any other promotional things that need attention (i.e. if I’m going on Facebook live or doing a giveaway).

I’ll post similar content on Insta-stories but for the most part, I am a Snap queen. I’ll also try and talk to my IG community a bit through comments or DMs.

brittany grace - not another blondeThe afternoon is always when I start to go downhill with motivation. I strongly, strongly believe 8-9 hours in the office is far too long and I think if they made work days just 5 hours or so companies would see a huge influx in productivity… but what do I know? (Comment below your thoughts on this!)


This is the best time I find for running errands or taking pictures. So if I don’t take my lunch at lunchtime IF I even take a full hour then I’ll take it from 3pm-4pm and do whatever I have to do.

The city is quieter at this time which is optimum for shopping/running errands and taking street style photos. Plus the sun is ideal at this time… not too harsh, not too bright.


At this point it’s hard for me to “get in the zone” but I still manage to pull it together somehow. I’ll wrap up anything that needs to be done at my day job and then slowly count the minutes until I can leave… just kidding.

I usually check my personal email one more time and answer anything and then it’s time to go.


I’m commuting back home. I walk another 2 miles while thinking about everything I have to do for my blog. Once I get on the train I listen to a podcast or read a book to get the juices flowing again for when I get home (Gary Vee, Him & Her, and the Time Ferriss Show are my favorite podcasts). I only listen to/read self-development and business stuff.


I eat dinner while checking Instagram and Snapchat.


I’m usually prepping my blog for the next week in addition to making proposals for brands or setting up NAB collaborations.

Currently, I’m in the process of revamping all my freebies so I’ve been working with a graphic designer on that and trying to get them perfect.

I’ve also been incorporating more YouTube videos which take up a crapload of time to edit so I’ll throw that in the mix as well.

My content calendar helps a lot to keep things organized and it lets me know what I’m supposed to be doing and when. I’m so OCD when it comes to organization and time management which helps me stay on track while balancing all the other things going on in my life.

What’s your typical day like? Tell us in the comments below! 


xx Britt

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