How to Become Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Written by: Susan Hang

I’m sure you’re familiar with that churning feeling in your stomach when the comfortable becomes uncomfortable.

That feeling that forces you to wallow in your thoughts – What if… I should have… If only…

I’ve always been one to feel like I was in complete control of my life. I would never blindly pursue something without having a back up, and if something felt the slightest out of order, I’d be brimming with worry until the next day (and sometimes longer). I believed everything was cause and effect, but the older I got the more things took a turn on me whether or not I did anything to cause it. And so it was proven… You’re not always in control. These last two years, I’ve really trained myself to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. However, I’ve noticed how many people around me haven’t and still don’t adapt to the unknown. Here’s what helped me and can help you too.

become comfortable with the uncomfortableStop over-analyzing.

The more you analyze a decision, the less likely you are to do it. I’ve realized that when I worry about the things that may never happen, my fears over power my optimism, and as a result, I never take action. If something feels right and it makes you happy, even if the world is against you, just do it. The end result will be worth it.

Understand the root cause.

Ask yourself: What are you afraid of? Is it the fear of failure? What people will say? Pride? Once you confront the issue and get to the root cause, it’s easier to see how the mind plays games. You have to consciously condition yourself to get out of it.

Accept all possibilities.

Accepting all possibilities means being ok with failing. When you accept that failure is a part of the process, the pressure falls off. I’m not saying you won’t doubt yourself or question your decisions, because you inevitably will, but accepting all possibilities will make you that much more fearless.

Remember, fall 7 times, stand up 8!

Drown out the noise.

Stop worrying about getting yourself to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Don’t focus on making choices that scare you. And ignore all the voices around you. If you allow something negative in your territory, you’re opening yourself to misery and bad influences. Drown out the noise and let yourself peacefully gain perspective.

Live a little.

Most importantly, don’t forget to live a little – exist in the moment and embrace everything that’s happening to you right now. Life could be worse… Give thanks and carry on.

By openly facing the uncomfortable, you can accept more of your circumstances no matter what they are and how difficult they become.  Keep pushing yourself further, and you might just take the leap that leads you to the place you’ve always wanted to be.


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