5 Things I’m Giving Up for a Happier Life

Written by: Susan Hang


Like success, happiness is relative…all perspective…

In a time and place where everything is readily accessible and visible, it’s hard to fully embrace our blessings when everyone else seems to have it better. It gets even harder when you’re high achieving and hustling (but barely getting anywhere).

The thing is, this idea of happiness we’ve accumulated over the years isn’t happiness at all. We’re constantly chasing the wrong things and if we don’t find grounds to stop, we’ll never experience the bliss we’re meant to.

For starters, you can do as I’ve done and give up a few thing holding you back from stepping into a happier life.

#1 Expectation

Expectation is the root of disappointment. It’s easy to think the favors you’ve done will be returned and the hard work you invested into something will turn rewards… It might in the long run, but if you prepare for the worst now and drop your expectations, there will be no surprises. Do your part, but don’t expect anything in return.

live a happier life#2 Validation

Reinforcement and approval can be addictive from counting your Instagram followers to checking the amount of likes you’ve gotten…those are all signs of seeking attention. You should be doing things that make you happy and fulfilled regardless of what anyone thinks because when you do that, you’re truly unleashing your greatest potential. Besides, people with that kind of confidence are the most attractive.

This also comes in the form of living to the expectations of your family and friends. When it’s your life, you can’t be afraid to disappoint because ONLY YOU live with the outcome of your choices.

#3 Control

Who doesn’t want to be in control of life – knowing what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen, and how it’s going to happen… If you let things come and go as they’re supposed to, while still doing the best you can, you’ll be much happier. Take responsibility, accept when you’re wrong, stop blaming everyone else for what you don’t have, and stop imposing limitations on yourself.

#4 Regret

We all have that one thing that haunts us constantly. The things we’d give to go back and undo that one motion… Drop it. Your past might define who you were at that moment in time, but doesn’t determine exactly who you are today. You can’t move on if you’re constantly living with regret. Stop thinking about what could have, what would have, and what should have. Accept, correct, and actually live – that way you can experience a happier life.

#5 Clutter

More of anything will not make you happy… Materialism, wealth, and money – it’s all just stuff. Do you ever look at what you have and think “there’s just too much”? I’m guilty of this all the time, but I’m so happy that I’ve started to simplify and pare back. When your environment is decluttered, your life and mind starts to feel like it too. This also includes people…

Anything else you think belongs on this list? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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