How Blogging Helped Me Become Who I Am Today

Written by: Susan Hang

I’ve been blogging inconsistently for about 5 years now, but I’ve done it professionally for over a year.

Not much has changed from then til now as far as my approach to blogging; however, I never expected the enormous amount of growth that comes with it… I truly believe that blogging may be one of the best tools for growth and success out there…

I’ve written about how blogging helped me grow here, but wanted to reiterate how it’s really helped me become who I am today on Zanita Studio.

how blogging helped me grow


Blogging has made me a million times more aware than ever before… I’m constantly looking for “the light” even when I’m not photographing, I notice beautiful locations as I’m driving to and fro, I listen to everything with my ears perked and an open mind (that’s the best way to come up with new ideas), and I’m consciously aware if something is “instagrammable”. Don’t mistake this with not “turning off”… Just because I’m aware doesn’t mean I don’t lay off the phone… What this means is that I’ve become aware in every aspect of my life to the point where I notice the smallest things even if I don’t need to be.

Made me business-minded

Yes, I went to business school, but what you learn in the classroom is always different in practice. Instead, I can look at analytics and react accordingly. I can set social and marketing goals and strive to achieve them. If one strategy doesn’t work, I re-group and re-strategize. This mentality has manifested in every other part of my life… If something fails, it’s not the end of the world. Brush it off and try again.

Writing repertoire

Would you believe me if I told you I sucked at writing? I did. Above all else, blogging helped me become the writer I am today. It’s trained me to articulate and express my feelings and thoughts in ways I had never been able to before. It’s allowed me to create a dossier of work I can reflect on, critique, and improve. And it’s motivated me to keep writing even when I felt like the shittiest writer in the world… Thanks to blogging, I can finally write.


I’m an introvert to the nth degree. I hate putting myself in the spotlight and opening myself up for criticism. Blogging takes courage. You have to be willing to do you and accept the fact that you will be criticized, condemned, and challenged… But you’ll also inspire, motivate, and encourage… The second part has really given me the courage to keep doing me and putting myself out there despite the potential criticisms that come with it. Screw what they think

If you haven’t started a blog, I’d highly encourage it for growth… (at least an Instagram!).


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