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No Eyeliner Makeup That Works For Everyone

Written by: Susan Hang

Sometimes, a simple gaze is all you need to work a little hypnosis…

We all know that it’s been forever since the masses were mesmerized by stark eyeliner juxtaposed with hella smokey eyeshadow – I know I’m partly guilty to the point where I’d relinquish eyeshadow and mascara altogether, but never eyeliner in a scramble. You might be surprised to hear I’ve done a 180° almost entirely in the last few months, thanks to game changer Patrick Ta (as I briefly mentioned here)! I promised a tutorial so here we are…

So what’s this look all about? No eyeliner makeup!

zoeva-chocolate-neutral-eyeshadow-paletteI used Zoeva’s Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette and Soft Kohl Pencils along with Creme Brulee from Makeup Geek

Think highlighting and contouring for the eyes without any discernible edges, and barely-there architectural lines to lift the eyes. Pair this no eyeliner makeup look with nontouring mastery and you’ll take sensual to the nth degree. Everything blends into a dream – just think the Hadid duo and the Epitome of Sexy, Emily Ratajkowski. Here’s what you need:

  • An effective eyeshadow primer
  • Nude & White Eyeliner (optional)
  • A flat synthetic brush (if you have neophyte artistry skills, go with an angled one)
  • A few AMAZING blending brushes (Just got a hold of Zoeva & they’ve promptly become favorites!)
  • A neutral eyeshadow palette
  • Loads of mascara

best-blending-brushes-for-eyeshadowno eyeliner makeup tutorial

Zoeva 224, 231, 227, & Mac 217 | Image on right shows me wearing 0 eye makeup

Step 1 – Prime your lids.

You need a really good primer since the entire look pretty much comprises of powder eyeshadow. You all know I’ll stand by Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base til I die.

Step 2 – Using nude liners as a Base.

You can skip this step, but it helps with long lasting eye makeup. Take the white eyeliner smudge some in the inner corner of your eyes to really brighten up this area. Because white can be intense, I’ll then take a nude eyeliner and swipe some in the center of my lids and on the brow bone. Blend in with your fingers.

no eyeliner makeup lookno-eyeliner-tutorial

Image Left: Step 2 | Image right: Step 3

Step 3 – Proper eyeshadow placement.

Next, you want to powder your eyes up to your brows to keep the area dry – do this using a light neutral shade. Now for color, pick 3-4 shades in the same family. I’m currently obsessed with loving orange-based browns and then a super dark chocolate color for the liner.

It’s all about the technique forthwith, so take a medium shade into your crease and sweep it back and forth, working the color into a subtle cat eye shape. Repeat until you get the desired effect, but make sure it’s really blended into your skin.

Once that color is in place, take a darker color and blend it into the outer corner of your eyes and into the crease, following the cat eye shape you just created. Keep blending until there are no detectable edges.

Finally, take the darkest shade on your flat liner brush – gently press this color into your lower lash line, extending outwards as if connecting it to the end of your eyebrows. Blend that line out with a fluffy brush and repeat until you get a desired smoke out.

Step 4 – The thinnest flick possible.

Now for the flick, take the darkest color and create a really thin winged line that connects to the one you created in Step 3, bypassing the inner half of your eyes entirely. You’re only focusing on the outer half of your eyes now. This line needs to be really precise, but thin as possible. Once it’s set, blend out with a fluffy brush and repeat until you get an innuendo liner effect.

Now, you can follow up with any light shimmery color for an added highlight.

Step 5- Coat them lashes.

Lastly, curl your lashes and show them lots of love with your favorite mascaras.

And there’s juristic proof that the eyes have it… (& always will)!




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