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Makeup For When You Don’t Want To Wear Makeup

Written by: Susan Hang


As a beauty enthusiast, there is one mantra I live by: Don’t wear makeup at least one day a week…

Except I’ve had the gratification of working from home so my one day requirement has become 3-4 days. You’ll notice how much better your skin looks if you allow it to just breathe a little…

Then, there are days I wake up and I just don’t want to wear makeup. Too much effort and time when I just want to lay sprawled across my sheets. But then I’ll get that one text or call and all of a sudden, shit, I need to freshen up… Got places to go… People to see…

So here’s my formula for days you don’t want to wear makeup:

Skip the base (30 secs).

No foundation, bb cream, or tinted moisturizer – just fling on some moisturizer and SPF.

when you don't want to wear makeup

Concealer x3 (1-1.5 minutes).

No base, no problem, but that means up your concealer game.

Additional Creams or Liquids (30 secs).

At this point, I’ll follow up with my favorite cream highlighter (Flower Glisten Up) and blush (Stila’s Lilium). Cream and liquid formulations tend to look more natural with wear and I just love the dewy finish…it really brightens up my complexion on days I don’t want to wear makeup.

Powder up (30 secs).

Set the concealer with a powder foundation or setting powder depending on how good you feel about your skin. I’ll use two powders to create a faint highlight/contour effect – a lighter one (Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light) for the center of my face and a darker shade (D&G The Foundation Perfect Finish Powder Foundation) for the perimeter.

The Extras (1.5 minutes).

Brows as usual and a dusting of bronzer for color. Now would be the time to layer up on powder blush and highlighter if you skip the cream products or need the security of staying power.

No Eyeliner Eye Makeup (2 minutes).

Thanks to Patrick Ta I’ve been having an alarming obsession with no eyeliner makeup! It’s possible to make it look super sultry and sexy – it’s all in the eyeshadow technique. I’ll come back with a tutorial, but for now, dust one neutral color over your eyes (been loving Mac Saddle), concentrating the color in the your crease. Then, highlight the center of your lids, brow bone, and inner corners with a satin color (Urban Decay Virgin). Take a dark brown eyeshadow and create a really thin line focusing only on the outer half of your eyes using a flat, synthetic liner brush (Mac 212). Blend out and repeat until you get the desired effect. Apply many coats of mascara.

when you don't want to wear makeup look

And there you go, makeup for when you don’t want to wear makeup!

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