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Get the BEST Night Out Look In Two Easy Steps

Written by: Susan Hang


I’ll be the first to admit, there’s a sizable difference between dancing the night away when you’re 21 versus 28.

The luxury of time diminishes briskly with age and that means there’s not much of it when you throw in full-time jobs, dinner, and family. Time aside, there’s so much focus on eyes when you’re younger – something I haven’t experimented much with in the last several years because the extra glitz and glam does feel quite ill-fitting for my age and lifestyle… That was until I discovered the two best things.

Watch out ‘coz your next night out look just got better!

eye products for night out look

Say Hello to Sparkly Lids again! I’ve already briefly mentioned how much I love Tarte’s Clay Pot Waterproof Shadow Liner in Rosegold and you can see to full effect below the kind of intense foil finish you get from it. It’s so beautiful on its own, but for a night out look, I took it up a notch by layering Dior’s Fluid Shadow in Phoenix right in the center of it. That just took the high gloss result to a whole new level. It looks crazy intense at first, but balance it out with a super heavy cat eye and loads of mascara, then you’re all set!

To start, prime the lids and powder over with a skin tone shadow like MAC Brule. This will create a barrier between the natural oils of your eyelids and the cream/liquid products to ensure all-night long lasting shine. The best part is, the entire look can be done with your fingers – no brushes required!

What do you think? Are you #teamglitter yet?

easy night out look glittery night out look

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