5 Kinds of Bomber Jackets to Wear This Summer

Written by: Camila Carril

The bomber jacket has been mentioned again and again, and it doesn’t appear to be leaving the street style scene anytime soon.

And I’m not complaining – can’t really stop talking about how excited I am to have it here to stay! They can be worn super-oversized with the arm sleeves pushed up or as it was in the 90s, which goes really well with a slinky dress or a pair of shredded jeans. Aside from that, we all know that they are very comfortable and easy to wear! If you don’t already own one, I’m showing you the 5 kinds of bomber jackets you need to be wearing this summer. You should own at least one by the time you hit the end of this article.

#1 Varsity Bomber

Look at this outfit here… Summer is coming in London, but we all know that sometimes it can get a bit chilly. The simple combination of a denim skirt with black boots and a jumper begs for something sporty like a varsity bomber. It ends up looking so pulled together.

kinds of bomber jacket you need: varsity

#2 Metallic Bomber

We all know that anything metallic is all the rage! And with satin also back in the game, it tends to give everything a silvery appearance. A metallic/satin bomber makes everything a little more luxe if you don’t like looking too casual.

kinds of bomber jacket you need: metallic

#3 Stamped Bombers

Stamped bombers add loads of life to any look. Let it be your centerpiece as done below.

kinds of bomber jacket you need: stamped

#4 Embroidered Bomber

Embroidery/opulence can look a little extra, but it works as a perfect accessory especially if you gravitate towards minimalism. The embroidered bomber just makes you pop!

kinds of bomber jacket you need: embroidered

#5 Printed Bomber

Mix the printed bomber with a black ensemble – it’s super sleek. You end up looking more polished, and less cumbersome. More is more!

kinds of bomber jacket you need: printed



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