All the Fun Things Motherhood Taught Me

Written by: Susan Hang

Dedicated to all the amazing, hardworking mothers out there.

To understand the requisite labor being a mom adjures, you have to be a mom… It can’t be fathomed unless it’s ensuing here and now, and only then is there a newfound appreciation for your own mother(s) (on a totally different level). Motherhood happens to be one of those things I have a love-hate relationship with. There’s an indescribable magic in coming home to the most adorable creatures in the world – innocent and brimming with love. Then there’s the ass-beating late nights and bratty moments that make you wonder, “WTF IS THIS?!” No matter what corner you’re sitting in right now, Mother’s Day is one of those days you’ll be overwhelmed with love… So to kick it off, I thought I’d share some of the epiphanies unveiled in my 5 years of motherhood.

#1 Having kids isn’t so terrifying.

I’ve given birth with and without the epidural… The painful contractions, the pushing, and the tearing all sound like a nightmare. And in the moment, it actually is a pretty agonizing nightmare you seem to never wake up from. But when it’s done, you’re like superwoman

Bet your husband couldn’t handle that pain!

On a serious note, you’re really not going to give a damn when the pain kicks in so don’t even stress about it.

fun things about motherhood#2 I’m far more capable than I realized.

4 hours of sleep nightly… Full-time work… Full-time mom… Gym… Maid Duties… Homework… Hobbies… Never knew I could accomplish so much on so little sleep! Motherhood really pushes you to the max.

#3 I’m a master multi-tasker.

Motherhood necessitates efficiency and it’s something you pick up lightning fast. I could change a baby’s diaper in my lap, talk on the phone, and watch makeup tutorials on YouTube (not literally but basically). If not, I’d go insane. And for that reason, I’m also a master delegator! #BOSS

#4 I’m selfless & compassionate.

Not that I was selfish before, but motherhood makes you practice selflessness all. the. time. whether or not you want to. It’s also a reality check to put yourself first when you need it (or you’ll really go insane).

#5 It’s okay to not “have it all”.

If you haven’t learned this prior to kids, I’ll tell you now – it’s no different after you have kids. Simply put, you cannot have it all. Life’s about balancing the imbalancepushing and pulling where needed.

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