3 Simple Tips to Land Your Dream Job

Written by: Susan Hang


There’s a difference between getting paid and getting paid to do what you love. Which one are you doing?

Too often, too many are doing the latter because the path from job to dream job is just too far, too difficult, and impossible. But never lose hope in your dreams! Here are 3 simple tips to get you started:

#1 Start Early.

No one knows exactly what their dream job is from the get-go, but NBD because that’s constantly evolving. The important thing is to start early for the sake of First Mover Advantage – something we’re taught in business school. The concept that says a business, or in this case person, can gain a competitive advantage through a control of resource by being an early adopter. Apply this to life and it makes perfect sense – look at Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, plus all the top fashion bloggers. So start now even if it’s through process of elimination. The sooner you do that, the more time you have to do what you like. That’s not to say look for a new job every three months because three months isn’t enough time for you to gain substantial skills or knowledge. Key Lesson: Just start now.

how to get your dream job

#2 Update Your Resume Often.

To mull over your career journey sans action is an easy task, but this alone doesn’t provide the visual impact you need. That’s why updating your resume is so damn crucial even if you’re not in the employment market. Albeit tedious, your resume forces you to analyze your work history free of time constraints and review your accomplishments, both menial and remarkable. Writing it down paints a pretty picture of the path you need to get on and brings focus on how to get there. It also helps your resume stay fresh in a rapidly changing and competitive environment. Key Lesson: Look at your resume every 6 months.

#3 Think Skills, Not Experience, then Think Outside the Box.

We’ve been fed that experience triumphs all though I believe the world’s revolutionized too much for that, especially in creative fields. There are too many tools and resources the web offers, which were absent to all generations prior; we’re also connected in so many unbelievable ways, so to think you’re just inexperienced sounds quite foolish. If you’re not in your dream job, focus on the skills to get there – skills will give you experience. Get out there and DO even if no one can see because if you do it enough, eventually somebody will. (Thanks to Z & G for seeing me!! And if you need inspiration, here’s a funny story to thinking outside the box!) Key Lesson: Build your skills either through self-practice or education.

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