The Best Robe for the Streets (Not the Bedroom)

Written by: Zanita Studio


If fall/winter was characterized by fur and shearling, what is Spring’s equivalent?

The bomber? It’s been making rounds, right? What about the leather jacket – is it too hot for that? Trench coats seem to make great barriers against the expected April deluge, but no, it’s probably denim – that’s where the rage is at. Think again and think original.

The funny thing about outerwear in the Spring is that it almost feels like an oxymoron. You wake up and it’s annoyingly cold (because we’re completely over winter now), but you know a few hours in, the sun will be out – warm and high. However, you throw on a jacket because it’s necessary – it’s really cold outside. Then come lunch, you’re unnecessarily secreting bodily fluids because of that sun, which you knew would rise, but the jacket was an obligatory layering piece. That aggravating cycle will last about another 2-3 weeks (perhaps longer for others).

best robe as outerwear pfw 2016So how to combat this hitch in the interim?

Thankfully, there’s a new (and useful) companion in town – one that covers up without the sweat. And that is the robe (sometimes, known as the kimono). Whether stolen from the beautiful geishas or out of the bedroom – we’re not sure, but that doesn’t matter because the robe literally looks wicked cool with everything – layered over dresses or denim.

Now here, we have the best robe selection you can bring to the streets!

Take it from Anna and Marie (below) – they show you exactly how to work it in undone and cropped denim styles with flat sandals or sneakers – there is no wrong way whether you’re mixing the versatile piece with bohemian elements or minimalism, just let the robe do it’s thing.

How to Wear the Best Robe For Spring

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