The Deadly Fears of All Entrepreneurs

Written by: Zanita Studio


There’s nothing more beguiling than being your own boss be it through launching your own blog, starting an e-commerce business, or making the transition from full-time to freelance. And though the mystifying freedom and excitement are rewards you reap once you live it firsthand, the road less traveled indeed comes with unimaginable degrees of risk and fear. We often only see the perks and the happiness that radiate on the forefront of successful entrepreneurs (e.g. Sophia Amoruso, Michelle Phan, Oprah, and so many more). But we guarantee you, the hysteria that shakes up internally are almost always close to intolerable so if you’re looking to make the jump, we’re sharing with you today the fears entrepreneurs seldom confer.

Be ready.

#1 Nothing is ever certain.

Regardless of how much preparation, budgeting, and planning you do, something is bound to surprise you – a client may not pay up which in turn hinders the cashflow, you overlook some fees but still need to pay up or even make poor business decisions. There is much ambiguity in the field of entrepreneurship and uncertainty is a very frightening thing.

#2 You sometimes lose faith in yourself.

Self-doubt in this realm will undoubtedly surface. You’ll feel like you’re losing it. Losing yourself, losing control – losing everything. It’s inevitable. This lifetime of pride, reputation, and financial security you’ve worked so hard to build will feel like it’s all tumbling down. There is nothing more devastating than feeling inadequate and incapable of running your own business and that is what running a business can do to you.

#3 There’s only you.

It’s a lonely life. The effort and energy you put into building your brand and business can suck the life out of you and quite frankly, turn you into a raisin. It may be months before you see the benefits of what you put in. When you’re in business for yourself though, there’s no one to motivate and encourage you, but yourself. You need to find the catalyst that propels you under all affairs. Even when life sucks.

#4 Failure.

Failing sucks, but being criticized for failing probably sucks even more. You’ll always feel like you could have done better or change something that could have rendered a positive outcome. Many times along the way, you’ll feel like you’ve failed or that you’re failing,

but the most important thing is to not get stuck on that and to bounce back.


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