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All the Tricks You Need to Perfect the Cat Eye

Written by: Susan Hang

Cat eye. Kitten Eye. Winged Eyeliner. Feline Flick –

Whatever you’d like call it is the one look I’ve strived to master since the primal days of Angelina Jolie in the early 2000s. Something about it was instantly captivating, seductive, all the while so seasonless. So I set out on a journey to master this look, which comes out to be an approximate 10 years now, and I’ve accomplished just that – not only on myself, but others too (which trust me is far more difficult than it looks). Now I’m here to show you exactly how it was done so if you happen to be one of those individuals feeling completely incompetent when it comes to symmetrical eyeliner, search no more!

Don’t lose hope – I’ve tried, I’ve tested, I’ve failed, and I finally vanquished. Now, you can too!


What You Need:

1. Silky black pencil eyeliner (This one by Pixi is AMAZING!)
2. Angled brush of any brand
3. Makeup remover and pointed Q-tips (LOVE Caudalie!!)
4. Gel eyeliner and eyeliner brush (the best kind of brushes are ones like THIS)
5. Liquid Eyeliner (optional)
6. A good black mascara


1. Take a black eyeliner pencil and trace the top of your eyes (it doesn’t need to be perfect). Pencil is always the most forgiving, that’s why I start with it.

2. With an angled brush, trace over the eyeliner and use the brush to create a diagonal line from the edge of your eyes up and outward as if connecting it to the tail of your eyebrows. This is the baseline for your ‘eyeliner shape’.


3. If you mess up or need to fix the shape of your liner, now’s the time. Take a pointed q-tip dipped in makeup remover and clean where needed.

4. Once your shape is perfect and even, take gel eyeliner on a brush and trace over the line you made adjusting the thickness to your liking.


5. Follow up with liquid eyeliner if you want to set the gel eyeliner or like an intense black liner look.

Now practice over and over until it becomes second nature.


Other Tricks I’ve Picked Up Over the Years:

  • Everyone’s eyelids are uneven though some worse than others. The easiest way to create “even” looking eyeliner is to start on the eyelid that’s smaller. This way, you can adjust the eye with more lid space to match.
  • Sometimes, it’s easier to line your eyes from the outside-in versus inside-out.
  • Watch & Learn – Charlotte Tilbury always said make a “dot” 1/4″ of the way out and use that as your guide to create the perfect flick.
  • Scotch tape & business card – use these as stencils to create a precise wing. (Personally, I’ve never found success in either of them unless I was using eyeshadow.)
  • If you have hooded eyes or monolids, create the shape of the liner with your eyes OPEN.


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