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Remember When You Want to Quit

Written by: Susan Hang

yellow-fur-coat-denim-cutoffs-flowerThere’s a divergence between where you start, where you are now, and where you want to be.

That’s what we call ‘the hustle’.

Negligently, you probably think you’re willing to hustle and do whatever’s required, but do you know what that quest truly entails? Who doesn’t want to be successful and happy – acquire a praise worthy job, financial freedom, even something as plain and simple as a killer body – a healthy lifestyle? I sure as hell do (and in fact, with all of the above), but what we really need to be asking ourselves is: What are you willing to give up to get there?

It’s inconceivably hard for anyone to get to where they want to be especially when hard work alone isn’t always enough. Time isn’t always opportune, the tide often rises against us, and the people who matter won’t always open that door, but that’s why it’s your responsibility to figure it out for yourself and carve your own path. This is the glory in chasing your dreams. Are you willing to put in 100 hours a week? Obtain 4 hours or even less of a good night’s sleep? Have almost empty pockets and possibly even no money at all for whatever time demands? Give up the luxury of potato-couching? If it were easy, we’d all be successful and happy.

So the next time you want to quit, remember…

Struggling is a part of the process as long as you’re willing to struggle…

Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now…

You’re allowed to take abrupt lefts and rights and above all, make mistakes..

You can slow down and even come to a complete stop – no one is watching your every step of the way and even if they were, they wouldn’t care if they mattered…

NO ONE ever has EVERYTHING together; sometimes we fall apart so we can fall back together…

Nothing lasts forever – the pain, the happiness, the ecstasy, the misery, it’s in constant fluctuation so enjoy it while you can (all of it, even the bad)…

And when you think there’s nothing left to give and no reason to try, you absolutely have 10% more.

Don’t ever give up! We’re rooting for you, remember that!

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Image Source Credits – Guy Aroch, Refinery 29, The Odyssey Online


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