Tips to Create a Productive Workspace

Written by: Susan Hang

simple-workspace-topBefore working from home became fixated, I oft found myself detained to the kitchen island with my laptop – also because I don’t have the freedom of lounging in the cool local cafes a few hours a week. Those little hours were no big feat so it didn’t justify constructing a legit office. However, once it became official that my home would habitually become my workspace, no doubt it was time to revamp. The kitchen island simply doesn’t work. I even thought of using my vanity table at one point, but it didn’t feel realistic to multipurpose it as a workspace either…it would just create clutter. I’m now two months in and not completely settled, but a defined, and still being refined, area has proven worthy of getting me on the right track. I’m as susceptible to productivity as I was in a traditional setting. So I thought it’d be a good idea to share the tips that have helped me along the way.

– The Perfect Desk + Chair

You want to make sure you pick a perfect size desk for the room you’re working in yet something that will properly house your essentials. Also think about future-state – are you going to want to upgrade to a bigger desktop or laptop? Opt for something you can grow into if necessary. As far as a chair goes, as long as the height is right for your desk and it’s comfortable, you’re all set. Aesthetic-wise, stick with something you’ll never get tired of looking at.

– Lighting

I love lots and lots of natural light so I turned one of the bedrooms in my house with BIG windows into my workspace. There’s just something about real sunlight that feels so good against the skin. But that doesn’t mean underestimate the power of a good desk lamp for those late nights (even if it’s just to look pretty).

– Office essentials

What do you grab for often? Keep those items on your desk. That means post-its, notebook/stationary, pens/pencils, Wacom tablet, tech necessities like your phone, and even little beauty bits (hand cream, perfume, & lip balm) – organize them.


– Add details

Once you have your desk, lighting, and essentials in place, start to add bits of details that really show your personality. That means the right color scheme and theme. Add in pops of artwork, candles, and plants – even a real life mood board. It’s your job to create an inspirational workspace that keeps your mind engaged. I love the simplicity of Scandinavian interiors so as you can see, everything is pretty bright and white, very monochromatic and realistic. (P.S. I’m still missing lots of details.)

– Create flow

Arrange everything wisely and create little storage compartments to domicile your essentials and details. You might realize all the tidbits you added ended up creating clutter, but you can always pare down and remove distractions. Recognize the power of white space.

– Borrow ideas

Look to Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration – ever saw an office space that immediately calms you down or gets you excited? Think about the elements that produced the effect and slowly incorporate them into your workspace. Remember, it’s a process that constantly evolves over time.

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