Saving Your Face the Korean Way

Written by: Susan Hang


A former skeptic, it appears I’ve fallen victim to the pervasive Korean skincare regimen and more specifically masking. Three sheets and one traditional hands-on mask later, I’m convinced it’s the biggest breakthrough I’ve had in my skincare routine since benzoyl peroxide. Here’s the low down – they work brilliantly!

Sheet masks are inexpensive and affordable as long as you’re not using one a day and even if you were using one a day, it’s still cheaper than a facial. For the sake of brevity, a sheet mask is basically a sliver of cotton (with cutouts to prevent your eyes, nose, and mouth from suffocating) doused in all the feel-good-stuff your skin needs. There are an abundance to choose from, which caters to all skin types. I chose the anti-aging bundle pack from Peach & Lily as I’ll do anything to preserve the little youth that’s left in me!

I first decided to lay it down following Christmas and New Year’s since I knew the late nights and holiday gluttony would take a toll on my skin and boy did it reverse some damage. Once the mask lays atop your face, you’ll immediately notice the cooling effect that renders divine royalty – like your skin is getting the maximum TLC it deserves. And after about 20 minutes of saturation, you’ll exhibit a fresh angelic glow and soft as a baby’s bottom base. Talk about game changers – the sheet mask is it! In case you’re a skincare minimalist, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s no post-washing involved…simply toss the sheet in the trash and leave the remnants for your skin to love. This convenience also makes it an ideal travel companion – I can see it weighing favorably on long flights too.

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Now onto the one traditional mask I did put to the test: Caolion Blackhead O2 Bubble Pork Mask. This is science and skincare at its best. In the container, the product looks like a bubbly joy of charcoal, but there’s really substance beneath the froth – a gel-like, beady texture. The interesting thing is it glides on butter smooth, but turns into a nebulous bath within seconds which depletes into nothingness apart from a few beady fragments. This one does require a rinse; however, no complaints as my pores do feel squeaky clean.

No disappointments here! Do your skin a favor and get a mask, especially if you partied a little hard last night!

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