Need to Know: Cushion Compacts

Written by: Susan Hang

I’m not a frequent foundation wearer – I’d much rather sleep an extra 30 minutes than put on a face. That being said, my morning routine usually consists of a few acne solutions, moisturizer, SPF 30, and eyebrows of course. The dilemma in that, however, is that my face remains plastered with exhaustion even with the added half-hour snooze. I’m not against wearing makeup every day, I simply don’t have time or energy to get up at the wee hours of the mornings to put it on. But I think I may have discovered the right base that reignites my love for maquillage.


Say Hello to Cushion Compacts.

You’ve probably seen these little gems trail the blogosphere throughout last year, but being that they’re still pretty new and I’m not a huge early adopter when it comes to my face, I haven’t actually dabbled in it myself. I always like to make sure I’m getting something really good. Since this trend was conceived by the Koreans, I proceeded to buy the Hera UV Mist Cushion from Peach & Lily.

To my surprise, it turns out I’ve been missing out – should have been an early adopter in this case…

So what you get is basically a sponge soaked in makeup, more likely a BB or CC cream situation vs a foundation, that comes encased with a puff applicator. Now onto the reasons why I really like this product – hard to believe, but the application is really fast, taking about the same time for me to slap on some SPF. If you’re the type that likes to follow up with powder throughout the day, this is for sure a no-brainer as the texture is light and blendable and emits a dewy finish. The best part though is unlike other bases that seem to get eaten up as the day draws on, it gets better with time – kinda like wine. I get that long-lasting fresh, glowy skin comparable to the babes in the K-Dramas. It’s also handbag (and travel) friendly despite feeling a little bulky – no extra tools required. Although there is a fairly small amount of product in one cushion, Hera provides you with a refill (how considerate are they?!). Some might gripe that it’s still too little and they could buy a bottle of BB cream that lasts longer, but for sanitation purposes, I think it makes sense.

My only complaint is that it’s not as “moisturizing” as it claims, but nothing a damp sponge can’t fix. Also, the color range is lacking. I chose shade N21 which proved 1-2 shades too light for my light-medium skin tone. Thanks to bronzer, it works. If you’re interested in this formulation, you’ll be happy to hear that widely-available brands like Lancome offer a variety of colors, which Zanita also loves.


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