4 Beauty Trends That Need to Retire Now

Written by: Susan Hang

Let’s be clear on one thing – I absolutely LOVE makeup – everything about it from the innovative products that constantly debut to hovering over the newest (unrealistic) beauty editorials. However, in an era where oversharing has taken over and filters cease to exist on the plethora of information that’s released daily, it’s easy to see why some of us fall into the trap of bad trends – our friends are doing it, it’s all over the streets, and everyone we’re lusting over on Instagram is in it. Peer pressure is at an all-time high. I know there are no rules in makeup, but time to rid the excess and move onto the next thing…here are 4 beauty trends that need to retire now.

Caveat: These trends pertain to every day life. Can we return to the subtleties here?

4 Beauty Trends That Need to Retire - Zanita Studio

#1 Instagram Eyebrows

Softly, softly…As my brother likes to call it, “Stencil Eyebrows”, umm…where are your actual eyebrows? I won’t say too much here as I know it’s a touchy subject, but I couldn’t be happier when Wayne Goss of Goss Makeup Artist made this video. Though the eyebrow trend was still strong in 2015 and I don’t foresee it dwindling down soon, I applaud Goss for being one of the first to confront the status quo. It really deserves a standing ovation!

#2 Over Contouring

We all know this trend belongs to none other than KK and obviously because it can actually make you look gorgeous in front of the camera, but it’s really gotten quite too far – I’m #overit. Everyone’s makeup looks the same, there’s no distinction from one girl’s contouring to the next in terms of the overly highlighted under eye area to snicker bars peeking out from under the cheek bones. I actually really love a good contour – but the kind that’s more subtle and natural where your skin faintly ganders through.

#3 Cake Face

Cliche, but everyone really is beautiful and unique in their own ways – I know you’re also tired of hearing this “natural beauty” shit, but the world has some how fallen into this idea that you need to breakdown your face and entirely recreate it with makeup. While wearing a lot of makeup might be suitable for a photoshoot or heavily photographed events like weddings etc, it’s pretty intense for every day wear. I just don’t find it very flattering or visually appealing in real life when I can hardly see the slightest paring of your skin. Embrace yourself.

#4 Overdoing false lashes

Spiders crawling out of your eyes? No thanks. I get that we’re all not blessed with beautiful, lush eyelashes (count me in), but I also don’t get why we want to fake it to extremes. In this case, fake it til you make it doesn’t apply.

No hate, but Lisa Eldridge, Charlotte Tilbury, Monika Blunder, and Wayne Goss, himself, aren’t doing any of these things – not that they’re the makeup Gods or anything, but they’ve surely put their magic wand on some of the most coveted faces we’ve ever seen. So take it from the pros…let’s move on.

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Image Source Credits – Elle, Refinery29