Test Driving Hype Korean Beauty Products: Snail Cream

Written by: Susan Hang

Mizon Snail CreamKorean Skincare is one of those things I never tapped into though I’ve heard nothing but marvelous reviews over the years. For someone with sensitive skin where the slightest off-ingredient can trigger an outbreak, it’s no wonder I don’t parlay in the luxury of product rotations. But I decided it was time to test the waters again after a year of hibernating from this emerging world and no better way to initiate than with these hype Korean products, starting with Snail Cream. I opted for the Mizon Snail Cream from Peach & Lily (your safe haven for accessing Asian skincare not easily found in large retailers) since it’s highly remarked.

Okay, first off, the thought of my skin sulking in snail slime made me squeamish. But as soon as I read the words below, I WAS ALL IN..

“The All-In-One Snail Repair Cream hydrates, helps improve the appearance of fine lines, and helps reduce the appearance of acne scarring and blemishes…”

Mizon Snail Cream
I decided to use the Mizon Snail Cream as a part of my night time routine and upon twisting off the top, I was welcomed to an interesting heap – this semi-slimy gel concoction that felt quite strange, but not quite so scary. Fears relieved! Scent-wise, it’s pretty neutral…not anything major that prevented me from digging into the goop. After applying this stuff, it does feel slightly viscous, but that feeling fades within minutes and is absorbed rather quickly. It’s been about a good three weeks since I’ve bonded with my newfound snail friends and I’m beyond intrigued – IT WORKS!

I should note that I was breaking out in white heads for no apparent reason prior to sneaking this cream into my regimen and within a few days, most of the white heads and their scars (from me picking) had faded or disappeared almost completely. And they don’t seem to becoming back – an amazing effect I had never encountered in my former skincare trials. Overall, I’ve noticed a hydrated, brighter base after years of battling dry, lackluster skin. Although Peach & Lily recommends drier skin types topping this off with a moisturizer, I’ve found it to be sufficient alone.

There is hope to cure our skincare woes after all. Time to stop being skeptical…this might just be your next holy grail.

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