10 Foolproof Tips for Flawless Makeup

Written by: Susan Hang

10 Exclusive Makeup Tips - Zanita Studio

I’ll just start by prefacing that I know there are TONS of resources available on the web that promise to give you unheard of makeup tips and lessons from the pros, but I can assure you, there’s at least one on my list you haven’t tried.

I swear I didn’t garner these pointers from endless hours of YouTube lurking, but rather practical lessons I learned through trials and mistakes. These are also my best kept secrets I use almost exclusively on my night outs and carry over onto others during special occasions.

Are you ready to gleam through your holiday parties? Let’s get started:

#1 For all-night, long lasting makeup..

Apply your base in thin layers starting with liquid products, moving into creams, and finally powder formulations. Think of it like this: Moisturizer, primer, liquid foundation, concealer, liquid highlighter, cream bronzer, and cream blush, and then topping everything off with its respective powder form (foundation, bronzer, blush, and highlighter). Albeit time consuming, I guarantee you budge-proof makeup that will last through the crack of dawn. It never fails me nor anyone I’ve tried it on from the driest to most oily skin types. It seems like a lot of makeup, but thin layers is key to not looking cakey.

#2 For natural luminous, glowing skin..

Mix a drop oil with your foundation and apply with damp sponge (like the beauty blender) using a dabbing motion. (Side Note: Set only the T-Zone.)

#3 For budge-proof, bold brows..

Apply eyelid primer directly onto your brows and then use your brow product of choice.

#4 For a successful strobing effect..

Apply liquid or cream highlighter to the high points of your cheeks, right above your eyebrows, on the brow bone, inner corner of your eyes, tip of your nose and the deepest part of your nose bridge, and finally, the cupids bow. And then layer your favorite powder highlighter over the same areas. Contrary to popular belief, you want to avoid the forehead (or space between your brows), entire bridge of your nose, and chin as this makes you look greasy and not radiant, especially in flash photography.

#5 For successful eyeshadow application..

Apply eye primer and eyeshadow before anything else, then remove fallout with a moisturizing eye cream.

10 Exclusive Makeup Tips - Zanita Studio

#6 For a natural false eyelash effect..

Curl your lashes and double up on your mascara (2 different formulations). Make sure you finish off with a waterproof formula.

#7 For the perfect cat eye..

Create your ideal shape with a pencil eyeliner first and sharpen any soft edges, then intensify it with gel eyeliner, and lock it in place with a waterproof liquid eyeliner. If you want to seal the deal even more or mattify your liner, trace over it with a matte black eyeshadow using an angled brush.

#8 For an immediate worn-in look..

Flawlessly apply all your makeup products and then spray all over with a facial mist. Allow it to dry on its own to create a skin-like illusion.

#9 For naturally full eyebrows..

(especially for us unfortunate gals with sparse brows) Prime your brows, then fill in your natural brow shape with brow powder or eyeshadow, and brush it out with a spoolie. Take a brow pencil and fill in any loose areas using small strokes to mimic natural hair.

#10 For immediately glowing eyes..

Apply a beige or light pink shimmery eyeshadow or cream eyeliner to the center of your lower lash line.

Any beauty secrets you’d love to share? I’m always game for new tips and tricks so please do so in the comments!!

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Image Source Credits – They All Hate Us, Beauty by Zizi