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Tips to Conquer a Mental Block

Written by: Susan Hang

Conquer a mental block - ZanitaIf you’re in any way a creative type, there’s no doubt you’ve met the inevitable mental block. You can’t just seem to produce anything worthwhile in this rut and no matter how hard you try, the creative within you won’t wake up – sound familiar?

Although the tips to conquer a mental block below might not summon your creative mind straightaway, you’ll surely be off the ground walking. Let’s get started.

#1 Move.

Change your scenery. We fall into patterns and routines so easily so something as simple as moving to a different place disrupts that banality. As a result, you broaden your horizons (just a little).

#2 Focus on the easy things first.

In the beginning, finding topics to write about was a fairly simple process because in the back of my mind, I had a log of topics that pre-existed. This meant I could just draw from it at anytime. Well that bank feels pretty vacant these days especially with me writing more frequently. And some days, it’s a painful struggle so while I’m clueless, I’ll spend that time focusing on the easier part of writing: photos that I can use. I’ll usually end up coming across an amazing image that triggers a topic or one that leads me to a place I can gain inspiration from.

#3 Do something completely different.

Drop what you’re doing altogether and go do something totally different. In my case, I’d drop the writing and go edit photos or run outside. The mind usually puts out the best ideas when you least expect it and you give yourself that chance when you stop focusing on it.

#4 Go to a flea market or vintage shop.

Strolling through nontraditional shops allows you to see all kinds of different things you’ve never seen before – pieces that hold a whole lot of history and character – this can really spark new ideas.

#5 Read a book.

Reading takes you away to nonexistent places that feel real in the moment. From those imaginary places, you might just find something you hadn’t seen before. And if you’ve never tried, you should read outdoors in the sun.

#6 Talk to people.

Conversing with people, especially those you care about, can easily sprout ideas. When you hear someone vent about their personal issues the light bulb can actually go off because you’re subconsciously looking for solutions to ease their pain. This is probably the one thing that helps me most.

#7 Collaborate.

Work with other creatives who excel in different areas. You’ll be surprised at the brilliant ideas they have to offer.

#8 Go to a museum, art show, or play.

These places are highly visual and emcompasses all elements of art, which really can really activate the artist in you. It’s also relaxing and we all work best when there’s less pressure, less stress on us.

#9 Travel.

It’s not within everyone’s budget, but if you can, I’d highly suggest traveling. Like the point in made in #1, you really open up endless opportunities and widen your perspective as well as outlook on life – on everything.

#10 Get started.

Contrary to the pointers above, you can just do it even if it’s not your best work. When I’m struggling with writing, I’ll just put my pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and jot down all the nonsense…anything that populates in my mind goes . It might not make sense initially (and most times it’s just bullshit), but I do eventually hit something good and take off from there. It does take a little more time than what’s ideal, but I almost always end up pleased with the end product.


– Susan

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