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5 Reasons to Take More Risks

Written by: Susan Hang

reasons to take risksIf today was the last day of your life, what would you wish you had done? That is what you should be asking yourself when faced with pressing decisions. We have the impulse to play it safe and stay in the territory we know, but it’s actually reviving to do the exact opposite.

This means treading the waters where people say it can’t be done, putting forth time into something that seems mindless, and repeating even when the outcome hasn’t proven any worth.

If you’ve been hesitating to put your first foot forward because of the risks that come with it, here are 5 reasons for you to take your chances now. Let’s get you moving in the the right direction.

#1 New Doors

You never know what opportunities can arise if you’re constantly looking in one direction. Exploring the possibilities outside of the life you know can bring you changes you’ve never even imagined to be attainable. It forces you to be different and makes you stand out – this means other people will notice you more than ever before…we all know sometimes it’s who you know that makes all the difference. It becomes your chance to meet someone who can open that door for you.

#2 Soul Searching

Risk also creates a kind of self-awareness you wouldn’t have developed on your own and with that comes much internal growth. You’ll become more in tune with who you are and what you want out of your own life.

#3 Life Lessons

But risk isn’t always associated with happy endings. Sometimes we take our chances and it turns for the worst but our poor decisions are usually the basis of our best life lessons. This wisdom pushes us even further in life as we act in retrospect and eventually takes us to where we’ve been trying to go.

#4 Raise the Bar

It forces you to a higher level of living. Once you see the benefits risk-taking has to offer, you will no longer be okay with what you once believed to be comfortable. You’ll find yourself constantly pushing the boundaries to see how far you can actually go. The highest standards become your norm.

#5 Live a Little

Falling into a daily routine is far from inspiring – you’re like a little robot going through the same motions each and every day waiting for a curve ball to react to. Why live like that when you could be on an adventure? Of course every day won’t be exhilarating, but when you start to make decisions that fall outside your ordinary being, you’re seeing life in a new way and taking a fresh approach on something you wouldn’t normally have – that’s what living life to the fullest really means.

Take more risk


– Susan

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Image Source Credits – Claire Alice Young, With My Woes