10 Things to be Grateful for this Thanksgiving

Written by: Susan Hang

Lots of sad things happening these days as we march into the holiday season from Paris to Kenya – the terrorist attacks have just been heart-rending. Thankfully, most of us are fortunate enough to have never had to go through such things, which makes it even more necessary to give thanks to the biggest yet unnoticeable happenings within our lives. If you haven’t already started thinking about what you’re grateful for this year, this week is the time to start and here are a 10 things you should be thinking about:

Giving Thanks

#1 Safety

Be thankful for not having to go out into the battlefield yourself just to stay safe and to have freedom. We never see it, but we feel our freedom and security every single day. Thank you servicemen, both old and new, for allowing us to sleep peacefully, go to work and return to our families safely, and for protecting us all.

#2 Good health

Last week, I was quite the klutz running into a metal pole and falling in the rain, which earned me quite a few painful bruises, scrapes, and scabs. Don’t even ask how it happened, but these little injuries slowed me down by about 50% – putting on clothes, trying to bathe, and washing dishes were all so painful and seemingly impossible. At that point, I really thought about the depths of which I take my fully functioning body parts for granted like my hands and my fingers. As long as something operates as expected, we don’t ever think about it so be grateful for healthy eyes, fully working arms and legs, and good health in general.

#3 Family

No doubt family is forever, but we all have the tendency to forget about our superhero parents (and grandparents) assuming they’ll be young forever when they’re aging by the minute and we don’t even realize it. Start showing them you’re thankful for them today by helping with little chores, going to a nice dinner, or just having a real meaningful conversation. They appreciate things like that.

#4 Good Friends

We all know good friends don’t come easily so if you have a few tried-and-true, do your part to make them last forever. Run a small get together (add some bottles of wine) and give out some handwritten thank you notes – it never has to be fancy, just meaningful.

#5 Dreams come true

Have you accomplished anything you’ve been working on year-long? Are you hyper self-aware and working towards living a life you want? Be grateful for that #girlboss attitude – it’ll lead you to much excitement and fulfillment.

#6 Dreams to come

Like #5, if you’ve already accomplished much, I hope you’ve already started looking out and planning for what’s to come. So many things in the works and you don’t even know it.

#7 Heartaches and lessons on love

People come and go, sometimes in the most painful manner and other times, almost unnoticed. If you’ve had to let someone special go this year, think about what you were able to experience and what you learned. Better you got to experience some of it than none at all.

#8 A job

Some of us complain almost regularly about our jobs – maybe we’re not happy where we are, but we should still be grateful for having something that generates income and brings us security. Whether it’s the people you work with, the flexibility, occasional free lunches, or even something as simple as the location, I’m sure there’s light somewhere.

#9 Good food

Good company is even more pleasant when accompanied with good food. Not everyone in the world is lucky enough to have easy access to this very basic need so stop being wasteful. And don’t just be thankful for the love-filled foods you get to consume, but also for the wonderful hands preparing them.

#10 Yourself

You are beautiful, you are strong, and most importantly, you are unique.

You’ve endured much and you have your own special talents, little quirks belonging only to you – be so ever thankful for that and always, be you.

Remember to count your blessings. Always be humble and always be grateful.


– Susan

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Image Source Credits – Melissa Green