MFxZanita – Rugged In Paris

Written by: Zanita Whittington


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I still think it’s crazy we can use wifi on a plane… I guessing this won’t be the last blog post I write from the sky. NYC bound!

Soon we’ll all constantly be connected with wifi – Is that a good thing? During all this fashion week chaos I’ve felt the constant pull of my phone and email – but now it’s over – and I’m looking forward to some kind of digital release. Gustav and I are actually going on a weekender somewhere out of New York… do you guys have any recommendations? We’re thinking Washington DC, so we can be proper tourists. It always feels like an appropriate destination because – We’re moving to NYC! I guess I’ll have to fill you all in on that in another post, and on my snapchat (its ZANITAZANITA).

I keep mentioning it, but I still have loads more to share from Fashion Month, yesterday I attended the Ellery show so editing that is going to be a priority once I’ve landed. Something else high on my list – catching up on good health and exercise. It seems every second person I spoke to in Paris was going through some sort of cold or illness. I just went to use the bathroom here on the plane, towards the end of this long flight it’s pretty brutal to look in the mirror. My skin looks grey. Bring on the vegetables and physical activity.

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