Managing A Full-time Job and Side Hustle

Written by: Susan Hang

Most people shy away from starting a side hustle if they’re already working 40 hours a week because who has the energy or time to manage mini gigs, care for a family, and then satiate in life a little – all simultaneously? It’s certainly draining, but the upside is that your effort may bring the possibility of turning your hobby into a career. As an individual who constitutes all the above, I genuinely believe that if you truly enjoy doing something, you’ll find the energy for it regardless of how exhausted you may feel, you will make the time to do it no matter the hour, and lastly, you will work around your schedule if you have the desire. No excuses – work on that side hustle and here are some tips on managing that:

– Make time.

Just being honest – you’ll hardly have time, but pick and choose your battles and you’ll learn how to maximize it quickly. While people are out on a Friday drinking wine and dancing, I’m at home hustling to cook a meal and put the kids to bed so I can start writing my night away, googling ideas, and preparing images. Also, lunch breaks at my full-time job are basically nonexistent – I spend that time writing and brainstorming as I devour my meal. Then by the time I get home, I’m canceling out TV time, social media, and pointless web browsing in order to make time for my side work – this applies to my weekends as well. The excess work also results in waking up earlier and staying up later (i.e. sleepless nights).

You just need to know that your schedule will never be optimal juggling multiple tasks, but you work around it and make shit happen.

Once you understand the time commitment you’ll need to make, it’ll be easier to manage.

– Be flexible.

Only take on what you can and start slowly so you can give yourself time to adapt to a new and changing schedule. You will learn how to say “No” some weeks and other times, you may be saying nothing, but yes! And as I alluded to earlier, you might even pull an all-nighter, drink excessive coffee, and feel like a zombie. But then days when you won’t have anything to do will come so you can use that time to crash and snooze. You will also need to take breaks from your side hustle in order to regain energy and maintain your sanity. It’s obvious now that your weeks will never be set in stone so be prepared to adjust both emotionally and physcially at anytime.

– Seek help.

We have people in our lives for a reason so seek help from your friends and family (of course, pay back their efforts). With kids and an already demanding job, I need a lot of help and I’m so ever grateful for everyone around me who’s willing to lend a hand. My family helps sweep my kids up from the babysitter and school which spares me an hour and then I have friends willing to take my kids out for a bit, which just allows me wind down and clear my mind. You’ll find that most people want to and are able to help if you just ask – use it to your advantage. (Caveat: Always show them you’re grateful.)

– Maintain the fuel.

I think one of the most important things to never lose sight of is your desire. With everything happening so fast and time never being on our side, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, lose interest, and forget why you ever started. However, if you thoroughly enjoy something enough, it shouldn’t really feel like work while you’re doing it.

So whatever you choose to do as your side hustle, keep the fire burning, don’t become jaded, and find a reason to love it forever.



– Susan

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Image Source Credits – Collage Vintage, YSF Magazine