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5 Little Reminders To Keep You Worry Free

Written by: Susan Hang

We worry too much.

69142b9aff6b57d7d940bcb0361ff894In our eyes, the world revolves around us so when something doesn’t go according to plan or throws us off track, we panic. We worry ourselves crazy every single day and this is why too many people experience panic or anxiety attacks these days. I used to get so stressed out I could go prolonged periods without eating (or feeling hungry) and nights without sleeping (the issues of a Type A personality, I swear) – it would be over financial shortcomings, unresolved childcare matters, or just being unhappy in my job. No matter what it is, everyone is worried about something, but the great thing is you can get them under control. Here are 5 little reminders to keep yourself worry-free today:

1. “This too shall pass”.

If there’s one thing you learn with age, it’s that everything happens on repeat just on a different scale. And that means nothing lasts forever whether it’s good or bad. So go ahead and enjoy the moment since we essentially need both to live a happy, balanced life anyway. Stroll back down memory lane now and think about everything that has ever happened to you…I’m sure there were moments you felt like crap as well as moments of ecstasy, and reflecting on it now, both seem equally fleeting. So the next time you start stressing about something, remember that it’ll pass and in the future it’ll feel very short-lived. Also, don’t ever become too proud because that can disappear in the blink of an eye.

2. You can’t control everything.

We all know shit happens. You are not in control. As humans, we feel safer knowing we can affect something, but we cannot control what happens to us, what obstacles come our way, or what’s out there in the future. The only thing we can control is our attitude. Life is what you make it and the faster you train your mind to stop worrying and stressing about everything, the more cathartic you’ll feel. Always be ready and always be prepared to adjust to your situation. If you don’t like something, move – you are not a tree.

3. Change is good.

It’s true, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The more obstacles you encounter, the better prepared you’ll be for the ones to come. You need the one-offs and the changes to keep you in check, build your character, and test your limits. Life is all about persevering and if you can do that without the excess worry, then I can assure you’ll quickly find peace and happiness within.

4. Life really isn’t that bad.

You think life is really that bad? You should go to a homeless shelter, volunteer at a charity, or read the world news about the refugees in Europe or children in third world countries. If that’s too much for you, just take a quick peek at Humans of New York to put your life back in perspective. The fact that you’re reading this article right now, leads me to believe you’re quite alright. First world problems aren’t really problems – not down playing anyone’s situation, but in reality, it’s probably pretty miniscule compared to the rest of the universe. Always remember, life can be worse.

5. Good things are to come.

The little nuances in your life are basically accumulations of small things preparing you for bigger and better things.

So whenever you start to fret, remind yourself, good things to come.


– Susan

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