NYFW And Bloggers From A Bystander

Written by: Susan Hang

Two of the most amazing things I’ve been able to experience as a contributor here at 1. Going to New York City during fashion week (even though I didn’t attend any shows) and 2. Participating in the 2015 Bloglovin’ Award Ceremony. And as a fashion enthusiast heavily immersed in the blogosphere (as most of us are), I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to stand in the midst of the fashion week craze even if it meant doing so as a bystander. Just two days ago, there I was, on Varick Street as a spectator and later, submerging myself in the blogger scene at the Bloglovin event. The experience was definitely one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to say the least. And since I was lucky enough to see it and breathe it first hand as an insignificant person in a herd of very fashionable significant individuals, I figured I’d let you in the know.

New York Fashion Week

As vividly as I can recall, the schedules are super tight and crazy…you feel it even if you’re not attending any shows. So while attempting to meet Zanita outside the DVF show, I was a speck away from getting trampled over by the viciously determined street style photographers in the middle of crappy, rainy weather. I was walking towards Spring Studios when a group of what appeared to be warriors with humongous lenses charged towards me – I was starstruck when I finally saw a dainty little thing caper up and down the sidewalk as if on a catwalk and these photographers were in awe, snapping away. I leered in a little closer and it was Chiara Ferragni – she was as delicate in person as she is on her blog. I paused to admire her for a few seconds when the photography crowd suddenly charged in another direction…Eva Chen made strides on the promenade in such an ever-chic and cool way (just like she always is on Instagram). Following her was Kate Upton in a feminine, polished white suit and everyone held their breath as this gorgeous creature floated on by. I turned my head slightly and there was Nicky Hilton right in front of my face not giving any attention to the insignificant people surrounding her. She’s obviously a celebrity and used to it so we can’t blame her. I continued my people watching and out from a crowd, I spotted Joanna Hillman…one of my favorites – effortless and all and just as I had imagined. Then, came a quick burst of energy from the famous Song Sisters (Aimee and Dani) – all smiles and giddy with that super casual, west coast vibe. And finally, I recognized the fluffy, blonde-haired Aussie I came to see, Zanita, who was so approachable and happy. Seeing all these famous characters in real life was really no different than seeing them on their blogs or Instagram…fashion isn’t so superficial after all.

Bloglovin Awards

I have never seen so many immaculately dressed people in my life, granted some of these peoples’ outfits (including shoes and bags) probably cost more than my entire bank account. But anyway, Louise Roe, Alexa Chung, Look de Pernille, Anine Bing, Shini Park, Chriselle Lim, Vanessa Hong, of course Zanita, and so many more – all perfect from head to toe and all so humble. These Bloggers have such meaningful conversations about blogging as a business; they talk strategy, long-term vision, and openly offer up congratulations – they’re just so supportive in ways I wouldn’t have ever imagined and encouraging of one another.

It’s a like a little support network in the same exact way you would back your own friends and family.

And it feels so wonderful to be a part of it (thanks to Zanita & Gustav)!


And that’s pretty much it, Good Bye New York and Fashion Week – I hope to come back every year, even if I’m just a gaper.

The energy, the vibe…there are really no words to describe it.

P.S. Although we didn’t win, THANK YOU so much to everyone who voted for the Zanita team.


– Susan

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All photos by me.