MFxZanita – The Gucci Girl

Written by: Zanita Whittington

2A5A1797Fashion dreams come true, wearing Gucci in Milan.

Right now I might be a little confused about what day it is – but I do know that this outfit makes me feel like I could conquer anything.

I wore this look for events and other adventures on my second day here in Milan (for more of that, follow my Snapchat Story – MATCHES.FASHION) and I gotta say, this city has really delivered.

Not to play favourites… but it’s actually the best. #sorrynotsorry

So many great places to eat and to shoot, beautiful light, great weather. My schedule isn’t quite as stressful and I’ve been able to walk to meetings… and I went to Versace!! Can’t wait to get more of that content down on the site – but right now I’m running out the door for my fitting at Missoni. Come along with me on snapchat!!


Viva Milano!!


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