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How To Start Living A Happier Life Today

Written by: Susan Hang

Everyone wants to be happier and while there’s no secret formula to achieving a happy life, we can definitely take mental notes of where we currently are on that scale and adjust in the areas we need to be happier than we were yesterday. Here’s how you can start:


Do everything with a purpose.

What makes you happy – family, success, friendship, inner peace, money? Figure out what happiness looks like to you and then surround your life activities and the people in it around precisely that. The outcome of everything you do won’t always turn out as planned and not every activity you undergo will be enjoyable, but as long as you know that there is or was a reason for doing it, then I can assure you there was a purpose.

Whatever you do and whatever decisions you make, I hope it manifests the dreams you hold within.

Slow down.

We’re all so busy working hard to climb a ladder of some sort and getting ahead in life, trying to make more money, and nurturing our families, we hardly even have time to breathe. Too often do we just go through the motion of life without much giving thought or assessment to where we currently are. Bad idea. Don’t forget the importance of staying alive and present. Stop and smell the roses – take on each moment and enjoy what you’ve got going on, but then also re-assess, make a change, and move on. Self-evaluation is so important to ensure that what you’re currently doing still aligns with your desires, which can change often. And although I’m an avid supporter of enjoying life and living in the moment, it probably isn’t a good idea to live all the days of your life this way. You should still prepare for the future, set goals, and look forward.

Accept where you are & cease comparison.

Everyone has their own path in the world – what works for someone may not work for you because all of our circumstances are different from the way we’re born to how we currently live. But regardless of what that may look like, you too have your own purpose so stop comparing yourself to everyone around you and most importantly, stop thinking you’re not good enough.

Your ideal situation may not come as fast as you’d like it to and in other aspects, might even take a little longer, but if you don’t already know, you’ll learn that your struggles make you exactly who you are especially when you can connect the dots backwards. Life isn’t a race so embrace where you’re at, stop looking at what everyone else around you is doing, and focus on what you need.


Let go of the things that no longer matter.

Out of comfort and security, we have a natural penchant for staying where we are even if it’s not the best thing for us – unhealthy relationships, old friends that never change, and jobs that we hate. You usually know if someone or something is no longer a good fit for you, but as humans, we tend to cling on to them. What are you expected to do if that’s all you’ve ever known? Just learn to let them go. It’s always scary at first, everyone has that fear, and you should always do something that scares you at least a little; otherwise, you’ll never have the strength to live a purposeful life.

Getting rid of people we love, but are no longer right for us, sucks. It can hurt like hell, but believe that every single heartbreak was meant to be. People are there to teach us lessons – make us happy, support us, and help us grow emotionally and mentally. When that purpose has been fulfilled, it’s their time to leave.

They can break us down completely and leave us so hopeless that we’re forced to do nothing else but change. And although it’s basically impossible to understand and see good during these times, it’s so grand and necessary for us. Be thankful.

Another thing we can get so caught up on is our past – the things that went wrong, the bad choices we made, and the wonderful what-ifs, could haves, and would haves. But if it should have, it would have and clearly, it wasn’t so let it go, forgive yourself, and be proud of where you are and how far you’ve come.


– Susan

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