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3 Things to Remind Yourself to Never Do

Written by: Susan Hang

919There are a few words we’re continually told in life by those who love and believe in us, but as is the case with most things in our frantic lives, we can easily lose sight of these meaningful, noteworthy extracts. Although they may sound cliché or mundane by now, I firmly believe in their relevance so here’s a great reminder of three things to never do in life:

Never give up.

If there is a will, there is a way. You know you’ve got a strong grip on something when it unconsciously crosses your mind so often that it basically seems too late to return to the state when you were without it. If it sticks to you this much, don’t just let it go – you’ve got to fight for it. (And this applies to people too…if there’s someone you feel that strongly about, don’t quit on them.) The hardest part about fighting for what you want is keeping up with the momentum and not giving in even the going gets tough. But if you really have a strong sense of who you are, what you want, and what you believe in, that’s all you need because that’s truly where the beauty of never giving up lies. When everyone thinks you’re crazy and has no clue what you are doing, you need to be sure enough of yourself to know that everything will turn out quite alright in the end as long as you put forth the effort and you don’t give up.

Never lose hope.

You will start to wonder if the fight is worthwhile especially when the gusto gets lost in the tide, every reason you’ve ever fought for feels swept away, and nothing is what is seems to be. If you ever find yourself in this obscurity, you’ll also probably start to feel like you no longer belong in your own dreams. But don’t be like this – don’t lose hope – promise yourself, your soul, and always believe. The ironic thing about life is that what we hope and wish for most tends to occur at the most inopportune times. Therefore, always delve within yourself and try to find even the slightest light in the deepest parts of your heart and soul to keep the fuel going – the reason to keep treading.

Never stop trying.

The first two points are both related to having a strong emotional state of mind, but taking action on your desires, goals, and dreams is equally important. Luckily, it’s also the easy part if you have the former two. There is only one route to become better and that is to keep trying regardless of what roadblocks you stumble upon. All I can think about when I first started blogging 3 years ago was that I always felt like I was talking to myself, no one was reading nor cared, and I was just wasting hours away working on something that would never be seen. Little did I know, all those efforts that seemed so worthless then was essentially helping me develop and refine my voice, which ultimately led me here today. There were times I just wanted to stop because I wasn’t getting anywhere with it, but something strong and innate definitely kept me taut and I just kept writing because I couldn’t get it off my mind. It just goes to show you that you should never stop trying even if the initial results aren’t what you expect.

I know it sounds like we’re going in a circle here but anyway, always always remember these three things –

never give up, never lose hope, and never stop trying.


– Susan

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