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Handling A Stressful Day – 6 Methods That Work

Written by: Susan Hang

By now, you’ve probably experienced the ebbs and flows of stress in life and although it’s inevitable, there’s one thing that’s constantly under your control: your attitude.

And since that’s something that directly impacts your performance, you should probably get it under control. In the realm of fashion, there are always infinite tasks that need to be done with tight deadlines and minimal resources. Because of the workload, the start of every season and preparation for special events are generally the most stressful. August marks the start of fall so stress pretty much sums up my life this week. I’ve been hassled multiple times throughout my life, but truth be told, none have gotten to me like this fashion thing. Here are the methods I’ve been using to tackle my stressful days:


– Prioritize.

When you’re 6 feet under your to-do list, it becomes pretty difficult to think rationally with an already clouded mind. Now’s the time to take a high-level snapshot of your tasks and tackle the most time-consuming ones with approaching deadlines first. Think about the importance of those tasks by considering who will be impacted by the outcome or who is depending on you for it. No one enjoys working after hours so don’t let the little ones perturb you. I find that ignoring the petty ones shorten that list and in turn, lower your stress levels.

– One by one.

Don’t focus on the little time you have to do all this work since it doesn’t matter and that just heightens your anxiety. You just need to start working…one at at time.

Through observation over the years, it appears that the ones complaining the most are the ones hardly working while the successful ones are actively knocking things off the list. Which of these groups do you belong to?

– Talk it out.

With your nerves through the roof, you’re probably overthinking your task list and this just creates more drama. There are even possibilities of you misunderstanding a project, which can be the worst when you’re working on something that was never relevant to begin with. I’ve caught myself doing this multiple times and it sucks! That’s why you need to talk things through with those around you. Someone may even be able to lend you a hand and cut your time short.


– Decompress.

Everyone needs to disconnect from work even if it’s just for a little bit so figure out what that outlet is for you. Coffee breaks or indulging in junk food doesn’t count (and they don’t help either). Take a power nap, eat a hearty snack, or go for small talk with your co-workers. For me disconnecting means reading up on my favorite fashion blogs, taking a walk, and listening to music.

– Exercise.

We all know this, but I should remind you that you that everyone needs a good workout for the fact that it pumps up your endorphins (the feel-good chemicals in your brain). We can all use an extra dose on a stressful day. Plus, it keeps you lookin’ good all the time.

– Treat yourself.

I talked about disconnecting, which is merely a little break. So when the day’s finally over, you really should treat yourself. Indulge a bit with a glass of wine, a quick stop at the spa, buy something, eat cake, sleep for a long time – just do something small to reward yourself for being a warrior because it makes you feel good and you deserve it.


– Susan

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Image Source Credits – Vogue Brazil, Fashion Gone Rogue, GQ AU