Personal Growth

How Your Weaknesses Can Become Your Strengths

I have always been baffled by people who are consistently positive no matter what, when every time you talk to them it makes you feel like nothing is impossible.

I want to share with you something that I have been thinking about for the last week.  How do you turn something considered a weakness into a strength?

I’m certainly not perfect, I got my fair share of weaknesses that have affected me (and others!) over the course of my career but the one that seems to stand out time and time again is my impatience. For as long as I remember I’ve had trouble dealing with processes that take too long, demanding to see result immediately. It wasn’t until around 6 years ago, I worked with a coach who assisted me in dealing with particular trials and issues that might arise in my professional life. He taught me an incredibly valuable lesson – take you weakness, imagine in what situations that might be considered a strength and put yourself in those situations.

Sounds like one of things, easy to say/hard to execute, but it really isn’t.

Looking at myself from a distance, I applied the process, not only trying understand the reasoning behind my impatience but also pull apart the scenarios where it could be a strength. For example, working in a large project (that goes on for months, years or more) the quality of patience is obviously valuable but the ability to always seek a good result at in the right way, pushing the process forward became my biggest asset.

Another example I read about recently, Richard Branson, billionaire and founder of the Virgin Group, used his own weakness – which happens to be dyslexia – to form one of his greatest strengths, the art of communication and delegation.

“If you have a learning disability, you become a very good delegator. Because you know what your weaknesses are and you know what your strengths are, and you make sure that you find great people to step in and deal with your weaknesses.” Richard Branson

In the end, it’s really about not only identifying your weaknesses, but understanding their effects and working towards making the best of them.



image credits: fashiongonerogue