3 Simple Tricks To Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive

Written by: Zanita Whittington

Fake it till you make it right?

Here’s are my top tips for looking like a Rockefeller on a shop-girl budget.


1. Add metallic detail – gold is best!

Add touches of gold to your outfit really elevates the look. I love lots of fine gold jewellery and a gold detail watch – I’ve even got gold buttons on my shirt!


2. Work with darker tones.

Darker tones can hide the fine details that can give away the quality of your garments. Asos do fabulous dark trousers and skirts that could easily pass for designer styles.


3. Choose luxurious textures.

Faux suede and leather, fine knitted garments or maybe some faux fur!

Some other tips to save the quality of your existing garments, wash your clothes less (that freezer trick really works!) and take them to a dry cleaner when you have a few dollars spare. For example, this shirt I’m wearing is from River Island – pretty inexpensive and I know it won’t look as great as it does right now after 10 washes in a machine at home. I’ll wear it 3-4 times and then take it to a dry cleaner, it’ll look like new! You could also invest in getting some of your favourite pieces tailored – a little nip and tuck here and there and your favourite blazer could end up looking like Balmain! (almost). Something I’m not super fond of but works like a charm, ironing or steaming your clothes. Along with that – certain fabrics (like raw silk) will crease up the moment you walk out the door, so set your radar against that type. You can usually pick it out when in the change room! Polished is best.

I don’t think you need to invest a packet of money to look a million dollars! You just need to choose the right pieces – and when in doubt, go classic.

lotus necklace, By Charlotte

gold rising bloom necklace, By Charlotte

gold bloom cuff, By Charlotte

 shirt, River Island

suede skirt, And Other Stories

bag, Karen Millen

rings, By Charlotte

sandals, Jimmy Choo

watch, Larsson and Jennings


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