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4 Ways to Keep Your Life Fresh

Written by: Susan Hang

It’s quite hard to believe, but we’re already half way through the year – you know what that means? It’s time to re-evaluate and introspect. At the start of every year, most of us set new goals in hopes of improving ourselves or our lifestyles in some way. I’ve always viewed June as a great checkpoint to rate your progress. You may end up realizing that a few things have completely fallen off the radar, but don’t fret. There’s time to make improvements and even completely start over.

As we move through the year, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of life and fall into the standard routine trap where we just drop off tasks (like our New Year’s Resolutions) because they no longer feel relevant when there’s so much to do. We’re all guilty of this so if you’re finding yourself in this impasse, here are 4 ways to keep yourself fresh:


1. Learn something new.

We require our brains to switch gears by learning something new, which is great because we’re preventing it from becoming stale. Learning requires energy, focus, and most importantly, creativity. Note the emphasis on creativity because it allows you to think for yourself without falling in the dogma of reality of those around you. Refining your creativity also lets your individuality shine and that’s the best thing you can allow to happen to stay fresh. Therefore, never stop learning, never stop creating.

2. Start something you can actually finish.

Now’s not the time to focus on big, aggressive goals. You’re probably not feeling so confident since the ones you set early on have fallen off the face of earth. You need to focus on the milestones that will hurl you forward. Being able to check off little targets will give you just enough confidence to set and achieve more. This exercise eventually becomes a cycle that exponentially increases your productivity and focus. The key here is finishing.

3. Focus on experiences, not objects.

If you haven’t gone anywhere new or tried something you’ve never done, go do it now. It’s easy to get caught up in objects and materialism in a world of consumerism and over-sharing that we become focused on our possessions and less on intangible things like experiences.

Unlike experiences, objects get old, we become bored of them, and eventually want something new; however, experiences cannot be bought – it creates lasting memories, opens our perspective, and adds value to our lives.

Spend your money on experiences like traveling and quality time with your loved ones because time is the one thing you will never get back – I can’t say the same about money.

4. Get off social media.

And I don’t mean permanently. I love social media – the idea being able to live vicariously through the dreamy travel images of wanderlusts, being inspired by the artistry of creative types, commitment of health nuts, and being able to share snippets of my own to anyone in the world who happens to pass by. However, there comes a time when it gets to be too much – the entrapment of endless comparison, a standardized lifestyle, and unintentional copying that it actually makes more sense to break off and look at the real world around you with your own eyes. Seeing the world and life for yourself is the real refresher so go for a few days and then come back.



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Image Source Credits – Visual Optimism, Harper’s Bazaar