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Staying Motivated When You’re Not

Written by: Susan Hang

Lack of motivation comes in all ways,

shapes, and forms especially when the to-do list seems to get longer and the days shorter. It also tends to find us at the most inopportune times. The crappiest part is that once it hits, everything starts trending downhill. So whether you’re targeting to hit a fitness goal, start that business, submit another job application, or just move on, here are a few tips on staying motivated:

– Just do it.

I find that the more I ponder a task, the less likely I am to do it. This mindset is especially helpful when it comes to fitness. I hate running and I’ve never been a runner, but once the shoes are on and I walk outside, I’m running. This applies to other aspects of life too so get your hands on the keyboard, start writing, or whatever it is you do to get started.

Susan1– Step away.

Although contrary to the point above, sometimes, clearing your mind from the current situation is just what you need. So go for a walk, promenade in the park, and enjoy the fresh air. A bit cliche, but true – especially if it involves the creative part of your brain. Even if it means stepping away for a week, do it.

– Hang with the like-minded.

People are more influenced subconsciously than they are consciously. Therefore, your thoughts and actions are swayed by the people you’re around more than you think. This is why it’s so important to surround yourself with people who are motivated, the doers & dreamers – they’ll inspire you to keep doing your thing.

– Think about how far you’ve come.

The chances of you pouring a lot of effort into a certain goal are pretty high if you’re still working on it (and even if you just started – the thought process involved is just as relevant). No one wants to trash work filled with heart and effort so the next time you start that negative self-talk, reflect on what you’ve done. Two years ago, I made a commitment to run even though I hate running with a passion. I was a lucky cat if I even got a mile in under 12 minutes, but several months later, I clocked a few runs in at under 8 minutes. However, I suddenly stopped because the demands of my job. I eventually got to a point where I realized all my gains were being wasted out of being unmotivated because I was too tired, too busy (all kinds excuses). It was then that I also knew how much more important it is to continue since I put so much effort into getting to here.

Susan3– Try a new approach.

If you’re finding yourself constantly tired of doing something despite it being incredibly important to you, perhaps the problem lies in how you’re doing it. This is a sign that you should re-evaluate what you’re doing and maybe change it up. The mind can be lazy so make sure you’re constantly challenging yourself.

Remember that everything you do starts in your mind so foster it appropriately.

Anytime I’m feeling the slightest desire to sit back down when it’s time to get things done, one of these points never fail to put things back into perspective and get me moving again. I’d love to hear some of the things that keep you going.



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Images credits: Vogue France, The Fashion Spot and Vogue