Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Outfit-127bWell actually I did stop. Yesterday (Sunday) I had the day off and promised myself I wouldn’t do much – so I sat in bed eating corn chips like a boss (is there any other way to eat corn chips in bed?) and watched youtube for about 60 percent of the day. My favourite Youtubers are all the British posse – who happen to be best buddies like Zoella, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg, Pointless, Jim Chapman, Tanya Burr … there’s loads more – and then I LOVE Tyler Oakley and Mamrie Hart in THIS VIDEO. So excited to coerce all my blogger friends to do videos with me, especially Sara (coming soon) and Nadia and Chloe. Really inspired by youtube.

I’m writing this post from Mondo Studio, where I’ve got the whole Fashion Blogger’s posse with me and we are having a good ol’ catch-up and it’s so fun. We don’t get so many chances these days to hang out together so it’s so perfect to hang out while at work and talk in between takes about what each of us have been up to. It’s one of the most inspiring things about my job, hearing what kinds of creative projects the other bloggers are doing. These girls are killing it!

Anyway, back to to it! So glad I snapped this outfit before I left Stockholm so I have something to share with ya’ll.

blazer, J Brand

trousers, Etre Cecile

bag, Jimmy Choo

tshirt, Candidate

shoes, Senso