Jimmy Choo x Marrakech

Written by: Zanita Whittington

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So here’s the results of our journey to Marrakech, a  mammoth collaboration with Who What Wear and Jimmy Choo, a day spent shooting in and around the extravagent La Mamounia Hotel. I’m excited about the pics – I was so intrigued to see how each of the girls looked in the outfits and how the pictures turned out. Candice Lake was the photographer for this gig – but it wouldn’t have been right unless she was also part of the editorial – so the images of her were snapped by yours truly. How incredible is the location!

I’m glad we had the chance to venture out of the glamourous hotel with our designer attire to see the city and the people – all in all a very humbling experience. With all these extravagant experiences I’m having, it’s important to keep things in perspective and remember what’s important. We love shoes!! But we’re also EXTREMELY lucky to have the means to be part of such a scene.

Zanita wears…

Look 1 – Issa Dress and Jimmy Choo Heels

Look 2 – Temperley Maxi Skirt , LNA Blouse (similar)  and Jimmy Choo Flats and Clutch

Lainy wears…

Look 1 – Bottega Veneta dress and Jimmy Choo Heels

Look 2 – Erdem coat and Jimmy Choo flats and clutch

Hedvig wears…

Look 1 – Erdem Dress and Jimmy Choo heels and clutch

Look 2 – Temperley Dress and Jimmy Choo Heels and clutch

Gala wears…

Look 1 – Own dress, Jimmy Choo flats and clutch

Look 2 – Temperley top and skirt, Jimmy Choo flats

Candice wears…

Look 1, Issa Poncho and Jimmy Choo Flats and Bag

Look 2,  Alessandra Rich Dress and Jimmy Choo Heels and clutch

Camille wears…

Look 1, Acne dress and Jimmy Choo Heels and clutch

Look 2, Chloe skirt and top Jimmy Choo heels and clutch

Andy wears…

Look 1, Tibi jumpsuit and Jimmy Choo heels

Look 2, H&M suit and Jimmy Choo heels and clutch

Jess wears…

Look 1 – Temperley dress and Jimmy Choo heels

Look 2 – Alice by Temperley dress  and Jimmy Heels and clutch